You Need a Private Jet and Here’s Why

Private Jet - Private Jet Sales - Miami Private Jet Sales - Miami Jet - Business - Entrepreneur There are about 5,000 airports in the United States of America but only 500 of them are accessible via commercial aircraft and out of those 500, only 70 offer frequent service. Even huge airports like Miami and Memphis have lost service as several major carriers have dehubbed.

For smaller towns, you’re out of luck. The economics of commercial air simply cannot be supported by the local airports in many smaller communities. According to experts, there just isn’t enough traffic. And as it gets harder and harder to get around, more businesses are forced to rely more on corporate jets. Or, they just decide to stay home, and meet remotely.

Of course, this is great for the private jet industry. Many business owners and professionals shy away from the initial sticker shock of private flying, but you should look at it this way: understand that private flying comes with a premium, but by accepting the premium, you’re able to get where you want when you want to get there. Approach private flying with the understanding that you will be paying a premium but be able to get where you want to go when you want to.

Average prices for private jets are actually dropping. And that means that you should step up. There is no substitute for pulling up to the plane, boarding and being at your meeting in an hour or two. To many business owners and entrepreneurs…this is priceless. The lack of stress allows you to be less stressed a more focused on the business to which you need to attend. There are also many jet chartering services that make private flight more affordable for those businesses on a tighter budget.

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Via Wheels Up, which flies turboprops and jets, Westchester County, New York-based Cott is able to visit clients anywhere from Boston to the Carolinas. “A two-hour round trip might cost me $8,000,” he says. But when you account for being able to see customers face to face, and the orders that result from these meetings, the flight pays for itself several times over. Most Wheel’s Up customers are in similar positions as Cott: Time pressed, but money conscious. “We’d estimate that 30 percent of our clients came from commercial flying,” says Wheels Up’s head of corporate sales, Robert Garrymore. “For a lot of customers, the big carriers either cut routes or were flying too infrequently.”

Directional Aviation, which owns Flexjet, offers several options. Fractional ownership, which would make you a partial owner of their fleet, is cost effective for those flying 50-400 hours a year. But for those flying less than that? Flexjet and other companies sell jet cards to individuals and businesses in 25-hour increments. If you’re flying less than 25 hours a year then charter is the way to go. So, for individuals or businesses that fly mostly commercial but on some special occasions need on-demand access to a private jet, charter is a pay-as-you fly model, with no upfront commitment.

Wheels Up CEO Kenny Dichter, says a company with $10 million in sales can make his service fit the budget. It really comes down to an efficiency tool… if you have four meetings in one day in all different locations, that is impossible to make happen via commercial flights.

According to Wheels Up, that $3,950 for an hour of turboprop flight time breaks down to $500 per seat if you use all eight of them. Jets are priced closer to $7,000 an hour. But, because it takes 12 minutes an hour off your overall flight times; clients often opt for speed on longer flights.

If you’re tired of commercial flights and wasted time, though.. there is no substitute for business jet ownership. At Miami Jet, we want to make that happen. Our experienced sales team is here for you every step of the way to make purchasing a business jet as simple as cost-effective as possible. Not to mention, we’re always adding to our inventory. Contact us today to see how we can get you or your business in the air, so you can start devoting more time to your work and your clients!

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