What went wrong with the Boeing 737 Max?

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The famous Boeing 737 Max is the most scrutinized aircraft in aviation history, but critics still have some concerns about its safety. The US aviation cleared the Boeing 737 Max, for Passengers last year, followed by two disastrous incidents. The aircraft is back in the Air.

But why was it grounded, and now it’s back in the air; what is being fixed, and does it match the aviation safety standards? These are some of the questions we will look at in this article. So, keep reading to find out the story of Boeing 737 Max going in the dark and coming back from the brink.


Why was Boeing 737 Max grounded?

Boeing 737 Max was grounded due to two unfortunate incidents.

Indonesia Plane Crash Boeing 737 max – The first one happened on Oct 29, 2018, when lion aircraft 610 ended up crashing in the sea after a few minutes of taking off from Jakarta airport. The casualties in this unfortunate incident were 189 passengers. What happened? No one can be sure. The flight crew contacted the flight control about losing plane control at the last minute. Boeing Claimed that the aircraft was brand new and was brought to the airport three months earlier.

Ethiopian Plane Crash – The second incident happened on March 10, 2019, when Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 ended up crashing 40 miles far from the airport. When the sudden disaster occurred, the flight took off from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and was aimed to head for Nairobi, Kenya; the pilot called the flight control for emergency landing back to the airport but unfortunately couldn’t make it back. This incident took the lives of 149 passengers, although the management of Boeing stated that the aircraft was only four months old.

At the second incident, more than 30 airlines were operating the Boeing 737 Max; including the largest airline companies like Air Canada, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Apart from these bigger giants, other companies include Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Fly Dubai, Hainan Airlines, Fiji Airways, Air China, Copa Airlines, Norwegian, and Royal Air Maroc. They grounded the Boeing 737 Max within a few days after the second incident.


What Caused the Crash?

737 Max operators to deactivate MCAS - Miami Jet Aviation SalesAlthough the known fact is that there is hardly ever a single cause for the crash of aircraft, on Oct 25, 2019, the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee report shed light on the first incident of Lion Air flight 610. The report suggested that nine factors contributed to the incident, but it put a significant emphasis on MCAS. A few minutes before the unfortunate incident, the pilot could not identify altitude and speed, and the plan got out of control. Whenever the pilot wanted to pull up the aircraft, MCAS will push its nose downwards. The report further suggested that MCAS used only one faulty sensor and untrained the flight crew. So, to sum up, the reported lack of cockpit warning light and maintaining procedure led to the crash.

After one year after the first incident, the second crash took the place of aircraft named Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s Aircraft. The report of the second crash was published on 9th March 2019. It suggested that the design flaws of MCAS were responsible for the crash. Furthermore, the report blamed the Boeing Company for the unprofessional training of their crew for using 737 Max. Unlike the previous report, neither the flight crew was blamed nor were any maintenance problems mentioned. They claimed that the aircraft had a valid safety certificate and did not contain any technical issues before departure.

To sum it up, investigating the cause of a crash is no piece of cake. It takes a lot of time to find the main reason as there are many parties involved like airport management, aircraft engine management, and staff of the airplane.


How did Boeing Respond?

Boeing took full participation in both incidents. On Nov 6, 2018, just after some days of the first incident, Boeing issued a safety warning, in which they advised the 737 Max operators to deactivate MCAS if they faced the same conditions as the lion Air pilot did. Boeing Company expressed condolences to the victim’s family and backed the US aviation grounding order.

After that, Boeing CEO stated that he and management are doing everything to identify the causes of the incident. They did not reply to speculations of the initial findings of the report. To conclude, the grounding order of U.S aviation caused Boeing to halt production for four months In January 2020.


Boeing Claims F.A.A has provided the new fixes.

Boeing claims that the US aviation authority has cleared the aircraft 737 Max, and the company has resolved the glitch in the system. Some airline companies in the United States welcomed letting 737 Max fly again. The boring 737 max was grounded after the incident in Indonesia and Ethiopia, but the federal aviation administration has cleared the aircraft. F.A.A claimed, Boeing Company has updated the aircraft electrical system and control software.


The New Electric Glitch problem

In December 2021, Boeing 737 Max carried passengers in the United States after remaining grounded for two years. But Boeing has notified 16 airline companies of a potential electric problem and suggested temporarily stopping flights for some time. However, Boeing and Federal Aviation administration has collectively stated that this electric issue has no relation with previous 2019 incidents.


How will Boeing fix the new Electric glitch?

Boeing will release bulletins for the airline companies to fix the electric problem. The Federal Aviation Administration will first approve these. The aircraft manufacturers claim that the fixes may take up a few days per jet to add new modifications.

The defect has been linked to material coating since production resumed in December 2020.


Future of Boeing 737 Max

Future of 737 Max - Miami Jet Sales - Miami Jet Florida - Jet for SaleDespite the past two fatal incidents and new electric glitches, Boeing 737 Max is the most sold aircraft. Therefore Boeing has planned to increase production of 737 Max to 31 jets per month which were previously four per month.

Safety is the number priority when flying on an aircraft, but because of these incidents, we’re witnessing a wave of fear among people. We’ve also established that even a slight mistake from big giants can cost so many lives.  So, to counter that, we’re seeing a shift of preferences towards owning a private jet, but that can’t be done without having professional assistance.

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