What To Expect From Private Jet Market In 2019?

New Jets 2019 - Buy Pre-Owned Aircraft - Pre-Owned Jets Sale - Private Jets - Miami Jet FL - Jet for SaleThere are just two months left before the 2019 begins. Based on this year’s events and industry news, we can already make some forecasts for the next year. Let’s see what we can expect from private jet industry in 2019.

Aircraft Availability Growth

The whole market is growing like never before. New services and providers are being created every year. Aircraft availability will grow alongside with the increased amount of used jets on the market. Entrepreneurs are expected to be another area of growth in the industry. With more available jets it will become easier to enter the industry, that’s why we might have a lot of new players on the market by the end of 2010s.

Not Enough Pilots

More pilots are being trained every year, but the numbers are still lower than increased aircraft production. Flying schools are fully stacked across the US already. The demand is very high. There will be a demand of 800,000 pilots worldwide in the next 20 years, Boeing says. Even more pilot schools have to be created to compete with these numbers. Fortunately for current pilots, this means that their salary is expected to continue growing in the next decade.

Less Luxurious, More Flexible

Private aviation is going towards more flexible options than more luxurious ones. People want to arrive at the airport 10 minutes before the flight and travel to their destination. Time costs more than comfort, which means that the demand on time-oriented services in private aviation niche will grow rapidly. The options to land in any airport in the world and adapt to any client – here is what private jet operators should care about more.

Jet Outsourcing

Owning a jet is getting more expensive year after year. Maintenance costs even more now, so to make your jet cost-efficient, you’d have to fly more than 300-400 hours every year. This is where all the varieties of charter companies come in. On-demand charters, jet cards and fractional ownership are the options to make your jet even more cost-efficient. As market grows, more charter companies and all their varieties will be created. This will obviously be better for customers, because they will have a wide range of private aviation services to use.

Private Jet News - Buy Private Jet - How To Pain Your Jet - Jets Inventory - Small Jet for Sale Miami FloridaCustomers are the ones to benefit in 2019, that is for sure. With so many new services and options, passengers experience will reach new levels of comfort and flexibility. Charter companies, commercial airlines and other jet owners will have to fight for customers attention and develop new loyalty programs to keep their current clients.

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