What does Ultra-Long-Range mean?

Jets come in all different shapes and sizes, but ultra-long-range jets are usually the largest, fastest jets that have the highest passenger capacity.

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Most ultra-long-range jets can accommodate somewhere between 14-16 passengers. But that is just the median, some can carry even more. Because of their increased size, they’re able to produce more power and travel much faster than smaller jets. They travel at around 500 knots on most ultra-long-range jet models.

Not only can the travel faster, but it says in right in their name: ultra-long-range jets can travel much further than their smaller counterparts, allowing non-stop international travel. This makes them a favorite among business executives who do business in many different countries.

So, what are some popular ultra-long-range jet models? The cream of the crop is the Gulfstream G650ER. This jet has a range of 14,000 km which means it can fly up to 14 hours without stopping. Incidentally, that is the maximum operating time allowed for an aircraft crew! Gulfstream G650ER - Buy Gulfstream G650ER - Sell Gulfstream G650ER

Before the G650ER, came the G550 – this aircraft demonstrated impressive range, setting a record by making a trip from South Korea to Florida in just 14.5 hours. This would be the first of 40 record-setting journeys by the Gulfstream model, all within the first few years of its release!

Not only can these jets travel long distances in record breaking time, but their size is another main selling point. Their ability to carry large numbers of passengers make them extremely desirable. Their capacity allows their owners to fly clusters of family members, an entire team of employees, or even a whole sports team at one time. And the passengers will be impressed because these jets are also known for their high-end interiors.

When you think about private jet travel, you likely picture huge cabins, private bathrooms, individual bedrooms, and crew members waiting on you hand and foot. With most private jets, this simply is not accurate. However, with ultra-long-range jets, the vision can be a reality. These jets are the closest thing to the typical image of a luxury jet that exists in the private sector.

Because ultra-long-range jets are built for long-range travel, comfort and top-notch amenities are heavily featured in their interiors. Not just in terms of the cabins and lavatories, but also when it comes to the flying experience itself. Ultra-long-range jets can ascend to higher altitudes than many other types of jets. Their ceilings often reach 50,000 ft and more!

Because of these factors, there are two major benefits of ultra-long-range jets – avoiding air traffic and avoiding turbulence. Because ultra-long-range jets can fly at higher altitudes, you can avoid most air traffic, allowing you more flexibility in your trip. Higher altitudes are also able to avoid turbulence because they have plenty of room to ascend and descend to avoid unfavorable travel conditions.

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-long-range jet, a medium range jet or even a turboprop, Miami Jet has a huge inventory ready for you to explore! Not to mention, our experienced, client-focused sales team is ready to help you find the perfect jet for your needs. Contact us today to make your aviation dreams a reality!


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