Ways to Prevent Contracting Covid-19 While Traveling

As advised by the CDC and World Health Organization, Covid-19 is incredibly contagious with cases popping up all over the world. Recently, it found its way to the US.

While during a commercial flight, the risk is greater because of the sheer amount of people around you. Health organizations advise you to keep at least 3 feet away from anyone coughing or sneezing. In an effort to keep you, your family, and those around you safe, here are ways you can avoid contracting the virus.

Hand Washing - Sanitation - Miami Jet - Aircraft News - Aircraft BrokerageSoap and Water

It sounds so simple and yet most people have gotten very lack on the habit of washing their hands. It’s recommended to scrub for at least 20 seconds with regular soap and rinse with water. If you don’t have soap, then hand sanitizer that’s at least 60%-90% alcohol will suffice.

“Even if there is a virus in the inanimate environment, it’s not going to jump off the seat and bite you in the ankle. You’ve got to touch it, and then touch your nose or your mouth. So it’s those hands that are the important intermediary — and that’s where I would put the emphasis,” said Dr. William Schaffner, professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University’s division of infectious diseases.

Cabin Protections

You can always wipe down frequently touched surfaces in planes with antibacterial wipes and have your jet deep cleaned. Something important to pay attention to are those loose items about the cabin that are less likely to be cleaned between flights.

Mask or No Mask

Despite stores selling out of masks all over the world, they haven’t been proven an effective method to prevent the spreading or contracting of the virus. However, if someone who already has the virus wears one, it does prevent the virus being spread to other people.

Air Filtration

The air filtration system in a cabin, particularly modern aircrafts are equipped with High-Efficiency Particle Filters (HEPA) which are similar to those used in hospital operating rooms for surgery. It’s always good to double check your air filter status and replace it if needed. It’s important to know not a single case of the Coronavirus has been contracted on-board a flight.Face Masks - COVID-19 - Hygiene - Miami Jet

Always be aware of your surroundings during travel and change your plans if you’re feeling sick. This virus doesn’t always show extreme symptoms in some people with better immune systems, but could be deadly to the elderly, young children, and the immune compromised. Covid-19 can also be in your system for two weeks without symptoms and spread to others.

At Miami Jet, we’re committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and our clients. We will remain updated on the situation as it unfolds and take the necessary precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19. These simple tips can really make a difference as you travel this year. If you’re interested in making your travel a bit safer to avoid those who could be sick and relax privately, contact us today! Whether you’re buying, selling, or financing, Miami Jet is your trusted partner in aircraft brokerage.

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