Verizon, AT&T agrees to delay 5G network rollout

AT&T and Verizon Communication have declared that they will delay the deployment of the 5G network in the United States. Both Communication companies made this announcement after concern about C-Band Wireless Spectrum (5G), which can interfere with aviation safety.

Wireless Companies Verizon Communication and AT&T have faced tremendous pressure from the white house, aviation, and airlines unions to delay the deployment of 5G to avoid disruption with US flights. President Joe Biden has honored the Wireless Company’s decision to help prevent potentially catastrophic disruptions. 

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When did this agreement happen?

The Agreement of deployment of C-Band Wireless Spectrum dates back to 19th Jan. Wireless Company Verizon stated that this Delay is a promise to this nation; We would bring our Game-changing 5G network for our country. AT&T also agreed to the Delay as requested by the Transportation Secretary; it further showed optimism that the 5G network and aviation safety could co-exist, and we will solve all the issues with technical assessment and collaboration.

Statement of FAA regarding deploying 5G network

The FAA further explained that groups representing airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and airports forced the white house to intervene to stop the use of Wireless carriers of the C-Band Spectrum of 5G.


When did the delay  come?

The delay  came when CEOs of Verizon and AT&T rejected a request to take back the planned deployment of 5G wireless service on Sunday, Jan , 5th. Instead, they offered temporary safety measures over aviation safety concerns.

The Federal Aviation Authority chief and Transportation secretary asked the chief executives of both wireless network companies for the delay of 5G network deployment for two weeks. In December, the FAA had warned the two wireless network companies about the air safety risks and flight diversions; but it didn’t send any formal notice outlining the potential impacts.

The President of the Associations of Flight Attendants Sara Nelson, who represents 50,000 flight attendants at almost 17 airlines, stated that if there is any delay of medicines to hospitals and homes, only Verizon would be responsible. Similarly, Nelson also roasted Verizon by saying that their motive is money and ours is safety.

The Wireless Companies stated that they would not deploy C- Brand Spectrum for about six months. Many trade groups, including  American Airlines, and Airlines for America, have requested Federal Communications Commissions to stop deployment of the 5G network by issuing a warning that it could disrupt thousands of flights daily.

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Wondering how the concern for deployment of 5G network on C-band spectrum started? It started when the Federal Communication Commission, an organization that regulates communication frequencies, permitted AT&T and Verizon to expand their 5G network on the C-Band spectrum, which is nearer to a range of radar altimeters. A report released in October 2020 by the Radio Technical Commission by Aeronautics Found that 5G can disrupt the radar altimeters, leading to catastrophic failures even for commercial flights, resulting in Multiple Fatalities. This report forced the aviation groups to request the Federal Communication Commission to halt giving licenses for 5G in C-band in December.

Canada acted upon the report of the Radio Technical Commission and banned 5G services near the airports. However, the US wireless communications trade association assured that telecoms companies could use C-Band Spectrum without causing any harmful disruption. The report also mentioned the 40 countries which actively operate the 5G spectrum and year of analysis by the Federal Communication Commission and other international agencies.

The pressure of Aviation groups and transportation secretary may have halted the Deployment of the C-band spectrum for a while but this stagnation is temporary and will be removed in the future. Verizon and AT&T have agreed to delay the deployment of the 5G network due to security concerns, but they remain optimistic about the future.

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