UFG, or Unidentified Flying “Guy” Found Flying Alongside Airliner

Los Angeles is known for a lot of things, and this just adds to the ever-growing eclecticism of the area. On Sunday, August 20th, two pilots identified a “guy in a jetpack” flying alongside an airliner. “Only in LA,” the tower said jokingly, as typically speaking, people who have the technical and financial ability to fly a jetpack within that flight is extremely uncommon. Not to mention extremely dangerous, as the airspace around LAX is the busiest and most complex in the US.


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To give perspective on the scenario, the airliner was flying around 3,000ft, while also being about 10 miles away from landing. There are obvious regulations about airspace regarding flight, especially when an airliner is trying to land. Most jetpack owners understand this, as jetpack owners are usually reported being vacationers or thrill-seekers who only use it for a few seconds on low-level flight. The situation is mysterious, however, as research indicates that jetpacks flying at that altitude is not only atypical, but they would not be able to sustain flight for very long either. Jetpacks at times can reach 6,000ft, and usually within controlled environments.

So, finding a supposed jetpack user within the airspace of commercial jets has been unprecedented, to say the least. The speculation is that the flyer is either a drone or someone that has flown from up high and descended, flying away. It’s unsure as there have been no reports of the whereabouts of the mysterious “Jetpack Guy”. Despite the fantastical situation, investigations have found it to be unverifiable, and no collisions were reported, so the intentions of this “Unidentified Flying Guy” remains unknown. What doesn’t have to be unknown, is whether you can own an aircraft of your own or not! You can look at our inventory, and get help purchasing the aircraft of your dreams. Miami Jet is your trusted partner for all things aviation, so whether you’re buying or selling, we’re always there to help along the way. Contact us today!

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