Uber Co-founder Garrett Camp Launches New Luxury Private Airline

Despite the airline and travel industries’ downfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new airline has made its way into the United States.

First debuting in last year in Europe, Aero is the brainchild of Uber co-founder Garret Camp and former chief executive at Voom Airbus, Uma Subramanian.

The semi-luxury airline is aiming to offer “a radically better premium leisure travel experience” with all private jet-like planes being first class.

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A luxury airline it is – flights for this month start at $990 one-way and are raising to $1,250 one-way in March. Although these are higher than a traditional airline ticket, these are more affordable prices than booking an entire private jet, putting Aero at a middle ground.

The first flight took off from Los Angeles, California to Aspen, Colorado on February fourth. The private jet-like planes are equipped with all windows and no aisle seats, ideal for social distancing. Although the airline was created before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it took off in 2020 because of the safety precautions and private travel every passenger receives on each flight.

There are many distinct differences between Aero and other private jet companies.

“Our competitors are competing on more trunk routes and we are really focusing on the curated customer,” Subramanian told Business Insider. “This is a lifestyle in the same way that there are people that will stay at the Aman hotels, and there are people that won’t.”

The aircrafts all-black color provides a sleek and modern feel, while the 16 hand-sewn Italian leather business-style seats make all passengers feel luxurious without the enormous price tag of a private jet.

After the spike in demand for private travel after the first lockdown, Aero is eager to have another successful year flying passengers safely to their destinations. To book a flight with Aero, visit https://aero.com/. To own your own private aircraft, Look no further than Miami Jet! Visit us at www.miamijet.net to browse all of our jets for sale. Our dedicated team is here to help you find the right aircraft for you! Contact us today to get started.


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