Turning Old Aircraft Parts To An Expensive Modern Furniture

It’s always sad to see old aircraft being decommissioned. But what do you think happens with it after it’s disassembled? Andrew Jackman, a founder of a UK-based company called Intrepid Design, has an answer for you. Today we are going to talk about aircraft parts being used as art and modern furniture.

Intrepid Design is a leader in its field. They transform decommissioned aircraft parts into beautiful pieces of art. They make one-off pieces of furniture and art installations.

Where Do Old Aircraft Parts Go? - Jet Furniture - Aircraft Furniture - Old Jets For SaleTake a look at this gorgeous wall mirror made from 737-700 engine cowling. “The cowl was removed from a B737-300 which was at the time operated by Air Italy. The forward fuselage was used as a steak restaurant in Bolton called Steaks on a Plane! I purchased it from an aircraft spares company, who needed more space in their warehouse. Being so big, it was quite a job to cut it to height, then to have it highly polished and the mirror fitted.” – Andrew Jackman tells a story behind this beautiful piece of furniture.

Interior designers across the world hunt for Intrepid Design’s art pieces right after they are unveiled to the market. The companies founder Andrew Jackman is doing a great job delivering his company’s products internationally. He also takes part in sourcing of the old parts from aircraft owners all over the world.

“I will see or hear about an available part, and usually have an immediate view on its potential. I work with a great team of designers and craftspeople who treat these pearls of aviation engineering and history with enormous respect.” – says Jackman.

Used Jets For Sale - Private Jet Listing - Exclusive Aviation - Miami JetA coffee table made from Harrier Jump Jet Pegasus LP1 fan blade, positioned on its original hub from within the jet engine.

Intrepid Design is turning old parts into luxurious modern furniture that also visualizes the original function of an aircraft part. As they say, it’s important to display the original design of an aircraft part to show the history behind it. Though, looking at how good company’s products are, it’s hard to tell that they had been used for years. Furniture designers hand-craft every part so good that it looks like it’s just been manufactured and is ready to be installed on a plane.

The company offers wide range of furniture made from old aircraft parts. They have tables, seating, mirrors, and rare collectibles like Supermarine Schneider Trophy S.6. Seaplane model below.

Buy Jet In Miami - Jets For Sale Miami - Pre-Owned Jets ListingBrowse Intrepid Design’s gallery to see every art piece they hand crafted. By the way, if you are thinking about a late-late Christmas present for Miami Jet, just take a look at Intrepid Design’s gallery and you’ll know.

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