Turboprops Vs. Jet Engines – What’s The Difference?

The turboprop is an aircraft with gas turbine engines connected to a gearbox. The turboprop is also called a P jet. It provides thrust to the jet and also drives the propeller. The propeller is outside the turboprops, consuming less fuel and relatively lighter flying.

Whereas jet engines use fan blades inside the engine housing, they consume more fuel and are comparatively heavier.

They don’t contain visible propellers and as they fly faster than turboprops, they are usually preferred, especially for longer flights.

Turbine powers jet engines and turboprops. Thus, they are not much different. But still, people prefer turboprop airplanes over jet engines because of some advantages it has.

The Main Difference:

These two aircraft are different in their propeller and encased jet engines. Turboprops have a propeller outside, unlike the high-altitude jets. However, the jets do not have this propeller; instead, they come with fan blades inside the engine housing. Thus, both aircraft can easily be distinguished from their exterior even. However, their interiors are similar to each other.

Some Other Differences:

While there are not many differences between these two types of jets, the few which exit:


  1. Safety Measurements: 

Turboprops are safer than jets due to the propeller present outside. These are thus preferred for the smaller runways, as the drag on propellers allow them to stop quicker than jets. The pilots mention it as the “balanced field,” which refers to when an aircraft stops when something goes wrong.

However, this doesn’t mean that jets are not safe. As the jets also have turbine engines and thus the redundancy of engines makes them safer to travel.


  1. Economic Benefits:

Turboprops and the jets have nearly the same speed, but the former is more economical than the latter. Whether the flights are shorter or not, traveling through turboprops can save you much of the cost that traveling through jets would not.


  1. Fuel Efficiency:

The difference between the fuel efficiency of both aircraft depends on the speeds they both fly at. For instance, jets are more fuel-efficient at higher rates, while turboprops are fuel-efficient when they fly at slower speeds.


  1. Quality of Flight:

Jet Vs. Turbo Prop - Main Differences between Jet and Turboprop - Miami Jet for Sale

Turboprops are manufactured to fly below 30,000 ft. The jets tend to fly at an altitude between 23,000 and 39,000 ft.

The quality of flights is improved for jets as they are likely to fly smoother in the bumpier airspace at the altitude of 23,000-39,000 ft.

Thus, while traveling in more horrid weather, jets can keep you safer and provide you with more stable travel.


  1. Range:

Moreover, Turboprops can fly up to 1,500 miles, while the jets are designed to travel up to 5000+ miles without refueling. Besides, most light jets can travel between 800 and 2,400 miles.

So, the preference of one aircraft over the other is measured through the cost of a jet per hour.


  1. Luxury:

There’s a common belief that turboprops are not luxurious compared to jets. It might be because of the propeller that is considered an outdated technology in the modern technological world.

However, it’s a mere misconception; Turboprops are equally as luxurious as jets. It offers comfortable and magnificent travel just like any other VIP jet you’ve eyed on.

Turboprops vs. Jets; which is better? 

 It is almost impossible to figure out exactly how different these two aircraft are and better, as there are unlimited variables in the queue—luxury provision, cost-effectivity, and soon. However, turboprops are more fuel-efficient but slower in speed than jets in summarizing things. But, jets are more sensitive to unprepared fields and require expansive runways for landings and takeoff.

The turboprops are more cost-effective than the jets engine aircraft but can’t fly to higher altitudes above 30,000 ft. At the same time, the turboprops are designed to fly to higher altitudes.

The glimpse of the features of both aircrafts reveals their performance efficiency and makes it easier to decide which of them is better. However, the preference is entirely based on personal choice and your likeness towards certain features.

Turboprops are considered the most logical choice for shorter distances and business-related flights. While in contrast, jets are preferable for longer fights. The budget-friendly turboprops can help you save a lot of money, while jets are heavier on the pocket.

However, if you still feel confused over making the right decision, contact us and get answers to your queries based and recommend the perfect jet. We ensure to guide you through every information you need and help you make the unregretful decision regarding the most suited jet type for you.

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