True to name, Bombardier delivers the “350th” Challenger 350

A few weeks ago, Bombardier announced a celebration of the success of one of business aviation’s most popular aircraft. In July 9th, it was stated that the mid-sized six-year-old business jet has had it’s 350th delivery, making it one of Bombardier’s best-selling jets. With an intercontinental range that can maintain itself well with even full fuel and eight passengers, it’s no wonder people love using this aircraft! According to statistics, as of May 31, 2020, the challenger 350 has accumulated “more than 648,000 flight hours and more than 383,000 landings.”

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So, what exactly sets the Challenger 350 apart from the crowd, and how has it found its success? Well, the main draw is its strong focus on performance and cabin experience, and that comes from a result of history and many enhancements and upgrades over the years. It originally began back in 2013 as an upgraded version of the Challenger 300, with new features such as new wings, stronger Honeywell HTF7350 engines, larger cabin windows, and a completely redesigned interior. However, nearly every year has found improvements or changes to the model, such as enhancements to the twinjet, adding optional HUD and EVS, better cabin sound-proofing, refined cockpit design, and the ability to fly 1,500 nautical miles farther out on shorter runways all within an optional improvement package.

Bombardier Challenger 350 - Private Jet Sales - Jet News - Sell Private JetIt’s no wonder that the Challenger 350 has held the title of the best-selling super-midsize business jet for six years straight, as it essentially used up 43% of the market share in 2019! While new aircraft sales are struggling, trends are looking up for used aircraft sales. With that in mind, you should take a look at our recently listed jets, as we have some Bombardier ourselves! With nothing but the best aircraft available, we at Miami Jet offer the best and most luxurious ways to privately travel. Also, with our full time, experienced sales team here to help you every step of the way, we make buying an aircraft easy and safe.

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