Top Paid Jobs In Aviation

A career in aviation is the dream of millions. There are many different positions in the industry, but today we are going to go over several of them and compare their average annual salary. We’ll take a look at five of the top paid jobs in aviation.

Top Paid Aviation Jobs - Aviation Professions - Private Jet Pilot - Pre-Owned Private JetsAircraft mechanic

Average annual salary: $57,000

Aircraft mechanics have a very important job – they perform repairs, maintenance, and inspections to make sure that everything on a plane is safe and sound. They must know how to diagnose and fix any issue a plane might have. To be the perfect mechanic, you will need top troubleshooting skills and high attention to detail.

Every aircraft mechanic in the US must attend an FAA-certified school for at least two years.

Air Marshal

Average annual salary: $70,000

Air or Sky marshals are operatives that are responsible for your security during flight. In the US they are trained by the Transportation Security Administration. All air marshals are required to have a degree, full backgrounds and medical screening. Also, they must pass a 16-week training program that teaches them everything about passengers safety during the flight.

Air Traffic Controller

Average annual salary: $84,000

This is one of the most competitive jobs in the aviation industry. Technically, to get it you aren’t required to have any degrees, but it’s usually preferred if you have at least one. Every applicant must go through a difficult selection process that includes a training program which on average lasts up to three years.

This job is extremely detail-oriented. It’s the air traffic controller’s responsibility to keep the runways and airways safe and monitor all incoming and outgoing airport traffic.

Aerospace Project Engineer

Average annual salary: $91,000

An Aerospace Project Engineer position requires a bachelor’s degree and usually a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. In this position you would work with other airspace engineers to design, test, maintain, and modify avionics and aircraft. People in this position can earn more than $130,000 annually if they do their job well enough.

Don’t expect this job to be easy – you have to be skilled at many things, including math, management, communication, computer assisted design, and be innovative enough to search for new solutions to industry problems.

How To Become a Pilot - Private Jet Listings - Buy a Jet - Aircraft AppraisalsAirline Pilot

Average annual salary: $102,000

Of course, pilots are in first place! Usually, this is the highest paid profession in the industry. The average salary is $102K per year, but we all know that professional pilots can earn way more than that. But know that with all these benefits come great responsibility and demands. To become a pilot, you must have many years of training, go through all kinds of background and medial screenings, and pass many tests. To be a successful pilot, you must have perfect communication skills, have complete cockpit technology knowledge, be able to make decisions under a lot of pressure, and be a true professional in flying.

The Airline Pilots Association says that to get an airline transport certificate, pilots must pass a written exam to demonstrate their knowledge of navigation, safety, and regulations, and have clocked 1,500 hours in-flight. And yes, that’s just a tip of the iceberg. That’s why a pilot’s job is so well paid and has so many benefits.

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