The Private Jet International Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist - Private Jet Checklist - International Travel Checklist - Private Jet Sales - Miami Private JetWe hear from our clients all the time that in addition to doing business domestically, one of the main draws to owning your own private jet is the ease of international travel (for business OR pleasure). By owning your own aircraft, you have significantly more freedom than the typical aircraft renter. You don’t have to deal with the mountains of flying club paperwork and you’re free to explore the skies to your hearts desire. There are thousands of airports in the US where you can land and even more are available internationally. There are many advanced skills that you are required to learn in order to make international trips in your private aircraft, but the challenge is certainly worth pursuing.

If you possess these skills already, we have provided a list of some of the most important items you must have with you when flying internationally. The list is not comprehensive, as there are many aspects of international flight – but the goal is to give you a good starting point when planning your international trip in your private jet! If you’re not able to fly internationally, this list is a preview into the wonderful world of international flight!

1. Passports and all legal documentation. When going through customs and border protection, you’ll be asked to show all legal documentation – the same as you would when riding on a commercial flight. This is all in addition to the usual flying documents you much provide. When traveling internationally, its imporant to carry your passport, pilot license, and medical certificate. Every passenger on your flight must also have their passports and if children are flying without one parent must have a notarized statement of approval from the absent parent.

2. Your aircraft’s paperwork.  In addition to your personal paperwork, you must also carry the paperwork as it pertains to your aircraft. You must show the paperwork that is required to operate an aircraft in US airspace. You must also have a radio station license on board.

3. Charts and routes. You’ll need to find and purchase charts that detail the route your are flying. Though foreign charts may be similar in typography to the charts you’re familiar with in your home country, it is important to look over them and memorize any distinguishing features along the route before you take your trip.

4. Aircraft Insurance As you would when driving a car, carrying proof of insurance is extremely important when it comes to flying domestically AND internationally. You’ll also need to make sure that your insurance covers international flight and that you can provide proof of this.

5. Radiotelephone Operator Permit You might remember this one from your Private Pilot written exam that you must have a Radiotelephone Operation Permit in order to fly outside of the United States. Thankfully, once you obtain this permit – you’ll have it for a lifetime as they do not expire.

6. Life Vest Of course you’ll need life vests on board when flying internationally – as a majority of your trip will take place over the water. You have to have a life vest or flotation device for each passenger on board. It’s also highly recommended to have a life raft but it isn’t legally required.

7. Sunscreen This is also not legally required – but if you’re making a trip to a beautiful, sunny location you want to make sure that Sunscreen is on your packing list. You won’t only wear it while you’re lounging on a beach, but also while you’re flying to your destination to prevent sunburns. Keep your skin safe and you’ll have a great vacation!

We hope that this list can help you prepare for your international flight! This is just one of the many perks of owning a private aircraft. If you’re looking to break into the world of aviation, give us a call and we can help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs! Call us today to find out how we can provide the most comprehensive aircraft purchasing services with a strong focus on customer service and professionalism.


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