The Future Of Sustainable Fuel

Jet Fuel - Private Jet Listing - Affordable Jets - Fly JetOne of the biggest issues of the aviation industry is air pollution. Everyone knows that aircraft have a huge impact on the environment. But fortunately, with the development of sustainable fuels everything may actually change in the near future.

Big corporations understand that the future is all about alternative sources of energy and do their best to adapt to what’s coming. For example, NASA’s new concept plane Double-Bubble D8 is designed to massively reduce noise pollution and fuel consumption. But let’s focus more on the other example. Two of the biggest aircraft fuel manufacturers have similar thoughts in mind and are taking actions already.

Neste and Air BP are creating a collaboration in order to create a unique kind of sustainable aviation fuel supply chain. Their goal is to make sustainable fuel more available and to replace current resources used to produce the fuel. There are obvious reasons why these two companies decided to work together. First of all, Neste has been working on sustainable jet fuel for decades. Air BP is well-known for its professionally created fuel supply chains. Companies of such size and experience will definitely complement each other on the way to a greater future of sustainable fuel.

‘Working together, we can find the best ways of developing robust supply chains to ensure that renewable jet fuel is more widely accessible,’ says Kaise Hietala, Neste’s Executive Vice President in Renewable Products.

Just like any other sustainable product, the sustainable fuel uses waste as a source material. By creating fuel from waste, the companies plan to reduce carbon emissions by 60%. Instead of regular technologies and materials, the fuel will be created from a mixture of renewable hydrocarbons and kerosene. The renewable hydrocarbons can easily be found in our day-to-day products, such as cooking oil.

The type of fuel that Neste and Air BP are going to produce qualifies as A1 – a type that can legally be used by any private jet or commercial aircraft without any extra permissions.

Another type of the jet fuel that two manufacturers want to produce is the drop-in jet fuel. It has similar qualities but isn’t made from petroleum. This type will be the best choice for existing aircraft, as well as for private-jet owners who want one solution for the existing models.

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Yes, this fuel is better for the environment, but what about current manufacturers? It will cost millions of dollars for the fuel industry to turn to alternative sources. For example, Norway is already lobbing lawmakers to only use new type of sustainable jet fuel by 2020. If the collaboration of Neste and Air BP is successful, we can see the first results rather sooner than later.

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