The First, and Possibly Last Learmousine

We all know you must be passionate if you want to be involved with aircraft, but you have to be a special kind of passionate to make an aircraft into a limo! Here is last year’s strange chimera of luxury concepts known as the Limojet. A play on words on how its base model is a Learjet fuselage, the people behind this managed to transform this jet into becoming a genuine street legal “learmousine”.
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It’s no surprise that aircraft and on-road vehicles can’t be more different from each other, and the people behind the Limojet had to take such things into consideration. 40,000+ hours and an estimated seven-figure cost later, the world got to see this concept debut in 2018.

Massive structural changes were required to convert a vastly different type of vehicle to another. Such changes include reinforcing a steel chassis to maintain the aluminum structure and integrating many other land vehicle parts. It’s sutured together with parts ranging from a Jeep, to a pickup truck, with many custom parts in between.

The interior has just as much attention to detail, as there were many issues along the way due to its cylindrical nature, so everything had to be form fitted by hand. Despite that, it’s still decked out with a 42-inch television, and an impressive sound system. Even the pilot seat has many accommodations, with 4 panels that direct to cameras to assist the pilot in maneuvering the learmousine.

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The Limojet has been presented in many shows, soon there will even be an auction for those aircraft enthusiasts who are looking for something eccentric for sale. As of right now, the auction will take place around June 23-28 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds during Mecum’s Indy 2020. Despite there being no solid pre-sale estimate, everyone should still check this limojet out! For any type of luxurious outing if you’re really determined to drive something so extravagant.


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