The Beneficial Impact in Aviation Business Brought By The Pandemic as Growing Trends in Private Jets Purchase Continue

Miami Jet Private Jet Sales - Jets Sales in Miami Florida - Buy a Private Jet - Miami Jet Broker Still feeling the great impact of the pandemic, global aviation services group Air Partner predicts a rising surge in travel demand for leisure as people get more interested in private jets.

Private jets offer the assurance of keeping distance from strangers, which is one of the ways to avoid getting Covid-19, as stated by the World Health Organization. Thus, the luxury given by privacy is worth the price. Last summer 2020, Air Partner has successfully predicted the upcoming presence of first-time private jet users, which is also being expected to happen for this year, 2021, and the following year. This is due to the hassle, crowding, and time-consuming process happening at airpost terminals brought by the testing requirements and passenger locator forms. Private jets do not only come in handy for the sake of safety but also for time management.

Miami Jet Sales - Jets for Sale Miami Florida - Miami Jet Sales - Private Jets in Miami FLMoreover, the services group anticipates a travel demand for both family and corporate movement in the US as the world slowly settles in the new normal. The growth in fame, interest, and involvement for private jets will be continuous as citizens learn to explore more ways to address their needs and transactions that would require sky travel.

First Republic Bank Senior Managing Director Jim Simpson also testifies in this trend, saying, “There’s been quite a party in the private aviation business in the last 18 months.” One of them is Youtube vlogger ProducerMichael, who shared a video tour of meeting his Embraer Praetor 600 for the first time a year ago. “I’m lost for words,” he said as he continues to explore his private jet. Netizens were hyped to react and showed interest as the video gained four million views, 10,000 comments, and 82,000 likes as of this article.

However, for first-time clients interested in having their own private jet like Michael, MUFG Union Bank senior wealth adviser Candice Nakagawa informed everyone to consider ahead the purchase price and maintenance cost to be financially prepared.

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