Selling Your Aircraft

There are many “aircraft brokers” out there-all over the web. How many are full time professionals? How many actually have a business office or are located inside an airport? Do they answer the phone, return calls, communicate?
The answer to all of the above is: VERY FEW OF THEM.

So, the remaining few of us have something real to offer-dedication and experienced people on the ground to make things happen for the Customer.

When it is time to sell your aircraft, you must decide to hire an active broker with many resources. A virtual broker, typically part time pilots or sales people from other professions, may have a good looking website with content promising many things.

✓ Perform a market analysis for the specific make and model of your aircraft using real time data including recent comparable sales and present it to our Client.

✓ Compile a thorough list of your aircraft’s specifications including component times, engines, propellers, avionics, modifications, options, and interior/exterior finish.

✓ Discuss a price point and strategic marketing plan.

✓ View and analyze maintenance records and aircraft history for thorough understanding of the aircraft condition, and the ability to advertise your aircraft accurately and thoroughly.

✓ Stage the aircraft in optimal conditions for a photo and video shoot by our professional photographer.

✓ Compose and place professional quality advertisements and specifications sheets in several advertising mediums.

✓ Distribute to our network of aircraft brokers worldwide to show their clients.

✓ Market your aircraft directly to over 4000 aircraft owners and corporations using general aviation, pilots, and aircraft brokers via email.

✓ Provide updates on activity and progress weekly (or more frequent) to the Client.

✓ Prepare your aircraft for showing in the corporate hangar and greet prospective buyers.

✓ Solicit substantial purchase offers from qualified entities.

✓ Communicate and negotiate proactively until a purchase agreement is executed.

✓ Compose purchase agreement, acceptance agreement, and all other sale related documents.

✓ Coordinate and monitor a pre-purchase inspection, flight test, and handle any aircraft condition or documentation issues.

✓ Assist in title and escrow account set up and procedures, including the International Registry.

✓ Communicate with all parties including attorneys and title examiners.

✓ After verification of all documents properly executed and filed, and verification of funding to Seller, coordinate with delivery of the aircraft to new owner.

✓ If the aircraft is sold to a foreign entity, we will verify required FAA export documentation and proper de-registration.

…Yes, we do that too. Many unexpected things come up during our discovery like Buyer’s pre-purchase inspection, or maybe something that the previous Broker forgot to do. We will work diligently until final consummation of the sale.

For your convenience and support of the sale, we are located next to Norfolk International Airport where you have access to a maintenance facility, avionics shop, upholstery shop, aircraft management, ATP rated Pilots, hangaring, fuel, and detailing services.

Our office at Norfolk International Airport (KORF) allows easier access to our services for all Clients. It makes it convenient for buyers from any part of the world to view your aircraft when flying in privately or on the airlines.

Choose Miami Jet with confidence!

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