Selling an Aircraft

Miami Jet will sell your aircraft for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. Here is a brief summary of how we do that:

Performance of the Miami Jet Aircraft Resale Team

  • Locate aircraft from several sources including media advertising, Jetnet, Amstat, and Associate Professionals that meet the stated requirements of the Buyer.
  • Provide lists of aircraft descriptions and photos of each interesting prospect and discuss with the Buyer on his/their decision to pursue or dismiss each aircraft presented. Agent will further investigate these remaining aircraft and provide all information available to him about these aircraft.
  • Investigate and analyze subject aircraft maintenance records and provide a report to Buyer.
  • Compare subject aircraft value to recently sold similar aircraft.
  • Recommend an offer amount and terms of purchase when Buyer selects an aircraft.
  • Submit the Buyer approved offer/LOI and terms to the aircraft Seller or Seller’s broker (“Seller”).
  • Assist with selection of an inspector or inspection facility for a pre-purchase inspection of the selected aircraft.
  • Compose a written formal Aircraft Purchase Agreement outlining all details of the transaction, including timelines, dates, and any additional expectations of the Buyer.
  • Assist with setup of an escrow account with a title company in Oklahoma City, OK, including placement of a deposit in escrow as part of the purchase offer condition.
  • Negotiate purchase agreement terms and conditions with the Seller. Resubmit any modified documents, approved by Buyer, to the Seller.
  • Coordinate delivery of the aircraft to the inspection facility. Monitor the inspection progress and results.
  • Review inspection report, make recommendations regarding repair of certain items, negotiation with Seller to compensate for repairs needed, or cancellation of the purchase agreement.
  • Assist Buyer regarding further documentation and communication with the escrow agent for the purpose of title search, placing funds in escrow, recording of FAA documents, funds disbursements, and coordination and registration with the International Registry (optional).
  • Coordinate and assist in the pickup or delivery of the Aircraft Purchased.
  • Process the Aircraft for export including de-registration where applicable.
  • Assist Buyer in the setup of aircraft insurance, titling, and registration (import where applicable).