Royal Private Jet Struck By Lightning

Used Jets Listing - Jet Hit By Lightning - Royal Jet - Expensive Jets - Falcon 7X - Miami Jet Florida - Jet SalesMeghan Markle and Prince Harry were travelling to Amsterdam for a private party that included different celebrities. They hired a luxurious Dassault Falcon 7X for the flight.

In the midair, a sudden lightning struck the plane. It hit the aircraft’s nose cone – near plane’s radar navigation equipment. This lightning bolt have sent about 30 million volts through the fuselage. Luckily, no one got injured and the plane safely landed on Netherlands a couple hours later. It took more than a week to repair the plane after the lightning struck.


Is it safe for a plane to be hit by lightning?

Lightning strikes over 20 million times and kills an average of 49 people across the U.S. Lighting strikes on commercial planes happen daily. One may ask – is it safe for a plane to be struck by lightning in the midair? Well, Miami Jet is here to give you a qualified answer.

When lightning hits a plane, all passengers and crew may hear a very loud noise and see a short flash. Nothing serious typically happens after the strike. Lighting may attach to aircraft’s nose or wing tip. It will reattach to the fuselage after the first hit. The electricity current will exit the fuselage somewhere near the plane’s tail. As for pilots – they may see a brief flickering of lights and minor interference with instruments.

Standard jets and commercial planes are designed to take lightning strikes.

Private jets and small aircraft should definitely avoid flying through thunderstorms. The plane is designed to take lightning strikes, but it’s obviously way safer for a pilot to choose a different flying route away from the thunderstorm.

After being struck by lightning, every plane must go through inspection to determine that every system works perfectly.

Can A Plane Be Hit By Lightning - Sell Aircraft - Buy Used Jets - Miami Jet - Jets for Sale MiamiThe last plane crash that happened after a lightning strike was recorded in 1967, when lightning hit aircraft’s fuel tank. It exploded as a result. Nowadays planes use more improved techniques that reduce the chances of an aircraft crash almost to 0%.

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