Pilot Referral Program Details

Start the referral process by identifying the potential aircraft for sale.  Whether it’s a single engine Cessna or a Gulfstream VI, we work with buyers and sellers of all types and size of aircraft. Simply note the tail number (“N” Number) of the airplane and the aircraft owner’s name or contact person with phone number if available.

Once the aircraft is identified, share the information with us be filling out the registration form below.  Some of the information is required, while some is great for us to have if available as it will speed up the process. Once the form is complete, just submit it through the website and we will take it from there!

You will be paid a handsome referral fee immediately upon the sale and closing of the aircraft transaction.  The referral fees generally range from $2000 to $25,000 depending on the value and type of the aircraft being sold.  You can also choose your method of payment… and yes, we can even pay in cash!

If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell an aircraft or helicopter, and would like to take advantage of this unique program, please let us know by filling out the brief form below.  Rest assured that the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

We know that your knowledge of an aircraft’s status is sensitive so we will keep all information shared strictly confidential.  In addition, we want it to be clear that paying a legitimate referral fee is a common practice in aircraft sales, so long as it not a conflict of interest or unethical.  We may follow up with you to ask appropriate questions of you to be sure this does not occur for your benefit as well. Miami Jet has paid thousands of dollars in referral fees over the years and it is a win-win collaboration between us and aviation professionals.

Why Refer Prospects to Us?

  1. We are an established, professional aircraft brokerage firm with a proven track record of worldwide sales
  2. We are aggressive marketers and savvy negotiators with a solid reputation of expert representation of our buyer’s and seller’s
  3. We take each and every referral seriously and work each lead with integrity and honesty
  4. All information provided by you is kept strictly confidential. We will never reveal our information sources without your permission.
  5. You get paid handsomely and promptly once the aircraft sale is completed!

Getting a referral check requires very little information and only takes a few easy steps. Complete the information below and we will contact the aircraft owner. Once their aircraft is sold, you get paid!

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