Reasons to be in favor of Business Aviation

It’s been a while since the world had to readjust to COVID-19, but thankfully in the world of aviation, operations are slowly returning online. As the world is rebounding, Aviation Report Operators state that industry activity is increasing faster than expected. There have been many efforts to ensure that the aviation business returns to form quickly, such as changing entire business models to accommodate health and safety. This is to ensure that the industry continues to utilize best practices to keep everyone safe.

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For those in Business Aviation, adaptation and quick thinking were the keys to all of this, as there have been rigorous changes in priorities regarding airplane cleaning and proper protective equipment being used. Even outside that, the value of Business Aviation goes underappreciated as there are misconceptions about its purpose. People don’t realize this but without Business Aviation,

To explain some context about Business Aviation and its importance, we’ll first go over what the sector does. One major contribution that Business Aviation does, is utilize NBAA’s, or National Business Aviation Association’s “No Plane No Gain” program. This program was designed to bring public attention to a part of general aviation that focuses on the business use of airplanes and helicopters”. To put it into perspective, the majority of aircraft users under NBAA are medium to small organizations, governments, universities, or businesses. All of these people are categorized under business aviation, which keeps not only the airline industry flowing but businesses afloat during difficult times.

This is important because these companies consist of aircraft featuring in other industries. Such as turbine aircraft that fly internationally, to helicopters that survey rush-hour traffic, and many other services that support flight operations at the nation’s 5,000 public-use airports. NBAA’s “Business Aviation Fact Book” was also written to remove any misconceptions about the types of aircraft business aviation pilots are using. One common misconception is that most business jets are capable of holding 20+ people as is seen with the worldwide fleet. However, the vast majority of business aviation jets just seat six passengers that fly average trips of less than 1,000 NM. Another misconception is that Business Aviation only caters to very large companies, however, only 3% of all registered business aircraft are flown by Fortune 500 companies. While the remaining 97% are flown by organizations, such as governments, universities, and charitable organizations.Business Aviation - Miami Jet - Norfolk Aviation - Aviation Sales - Jets for Sale

Avoiding these misconceptions can help give context to the benefits of Business Aviation, the Fact Book mentions how much it contributes to local or national economies, such as “thousands of pilots, maintenance technicians, schedulers, dispatchers, flight attendants, training professionals, airport employees, and other support personnel”. We always appreciate anyone who makes this strange period feel as seamless and normal as possible, up until we actually do return to normal. Until then, here at Miami Jet, our goal is to keep up with the latest aviation news and topics that are important to our clients. Follow Miami Jet on Facebook to Be notified of the most current aviation news and topics for turbine and turboprop aircraft. Check our listings of aircraft for sale and give us a call if you want to find something special. Contact us and let’s see what private jet we can find or sell for you.










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