Private Jets of World Leaders – Infographics

The Most Expensive Aircraft In The World - Buy Private Jets - Expensive Private Jets For SaleWe just stumbled upon some beautiful infographics about private jets of world leaders made by Air Charter Service. We picked the most interesting ones, but you can see the whole article here.

Donald Trump is first on our list. Let’s see what he flies to work.

Donald Trump's Aircraft - Pre-Owned Private JetsSpecial features

Air Force One is a massive, fully protected 747 with everything that the President may need: secure communication channels, satellite connection, and a medical suite with an operating room. This aircraft is ready for any intruder attacks.


Next aircraft we have on the list is Vladimir Putin’s IL96-300PU.

Putin's Aircraft - Buy a Jet MiamiVladimir Putin’s main aircraft is the Russian-made IL-96-300PU. It is a wide-bodied, long-haul airliner that is easily distinguishable from the passenger model by its extended fuselage fairing.

Special features

Same as Donald Trump’s Boeing, this IL-96 is packed with all types of security. The aircraft has several protective layers that shield it from most of the potential attacks. It’s body has a special coating that makes the plane less visible to RCS, an automated system of jamming and disorienting radars. While the exterior lack any luxurious looks, its interior is lavishly decorated with tapestries and gold accents.


Next in line is the Queen Elizabeth II, let’s take a look at the inside of her fleet.

Queen's Jet - Royal FleetHer fleet is quite interesting, because while being the Queen of the United Kingdom, she doesn’t have as luxurious an aircraft as other world leaders on ACS’s list. Well, in comparison to your typical plane… of course she does, but still, it’s quite different from the others. Royal fleet includes two AW109 helicopters for travelling distances under 1,000 kilometres, six BAE-125 airplanes with a flight range up to 3000 kilometres, as well as four mid-sized reactive BAE-146 airplanes that are used primarily on the territory of the United Kingdom. The total cost of the fleet is close to 100 million dollars, so it’s nowhere near Donald Trump’s $1,000,000,000 Boeing.


Speaking of expensive aircraft – why not take a look at Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his $1,500,000,000 fleet?

Jets For Sale - Expensive AircraftEmir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani is one of the richest people in the world. On his usual trips he is accompanied by at least 1,000 people –  his family members, service staff, and members of the delegation. The weight they carry with them is measured in tons! This weight consists of personal belongings, limousines, sport cars, and other miscellaneous.

There are many other interesting aircraft on the list, so be sure to see them all. Meanwhile, why not take a look at our aircraft listings? Compared to the outrageous fleets of the world leaders above, our private jets and turboprops are definitely more affordable (but still packed with tons of luxuries and features)! And if you’re a prince of Qatar – you’re welcome, too!

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