Private Aviation Marketing Predictions for 2020

Firnas Private is an executive aviation provider based in the UK. CEO Kazi Rahman provides his top 5 predictions for 2020.


Efficiency and flexibility in new sectors of private fight are allowing small and medium companies to use private air and support their bottom line. Cost-efficient aircrafts are able to land in remote locations resulting in decreased costs compared to commercial aircraft that require more stops to arrive at a destination.

New businesses are taking advantage by lowering the cost of seats on private aircrafts and optimizing ‘dead flights’ where a flight finishes dropping one passenger off and heads to pick another up. Charter jets are beginning to capitalize on this market and it’s predicted to grow this year as more passengers invest.

Aircraft News - Aircraft Brokerage - Private Flights - Miami JetOn-Demand Charter Business Models

Speaking of charters: on-demand business models are on the rise and are projected to continue. Owners are moving away from fractional ownership and long-term membership and moving towards flexibility that offers more value to operators and brokers.

The main driver of the model is the up and coming generation: Millennials who prefer on-demand services, technology, and efficiency in both cost and time. Rigid memberships and long-term deals don’t align with their goals and how they intend to travel. As they grow to capture the main market in the coming decades, it’ll be a financial opportunity for businesses to capture their revenue.


Growth in New Economics: BRICS

BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Their economics are emerging as our world goes more interconnected every day. Private aviation is no exception to this as it serves a large roll in connecting these gaps commercial aviation has left. Notably the gaps in schedules and infrastructure.


Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft is a vital part of the future of technology. Sci-fi movies provided the blueprint and we’re closer to operation than some might thing. As a concept, it would work best for short-range or urban flights, designed for cities with auto traffic and skyscrapers. To ensure safety and efficiency, infrastructure and regulation is necessary along with partnerships between government and business.

Miami Jet - Aircraft Sales - Aircraft News - 2020 TrendsSustainability

Going green is the future of all business. Consumers and stakeholders alike demand sustainability in exchange for loyalty. Private aviation is a vital part of this. With the creation of more efficient flight plans to burn less fuel, investment in research, and less noise are all part of a new future. All this to lead to a reduction of a carbon footprint.

These are the top 5 predictions of the aviation industry for 2020. At Miami Jet, we’re your trusted partner in aircraft brokerage, whether you’re buying, selling, or customizing. Contact us today and let’s talk about your plans for 2020. We can help you soar to new heights!

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