President Joe Biden flew from Delaware to DC on a Luxurious Boeing 737 Private Jet

President Joe Biden arrived in style to the inauguration on a chartered private jet breaking the tradition of arriving on a US Air Force plane. The Boeing Business Jet 737 flew Biden from Delaware New Castle Airport to Andrews Air Force Base. The aircraft is typically reserved for high-class private flyers, but Biden’s original plan to take an Amtrak into Washington rose security concerns.

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The decision to forgo the Amtrak ride was not an easy one, because it has become Biden’s preference throughout his governmental career. Early in his career, he would return home nearly every night to help raise his young children. Biden even rode the Amtrak home on his final day as vice president.

The private jet is currently operated by California’s Jet Edge. The luxurious aircraft is equipped with a master bedroom suite, a master bathroom with a full vanity and shower, a living area, and a mid-cabin bar. Despite the large size of the aircraft, there is only room for 16 passengers.

The Boeing Business Jet 737 is modeled after the popular 737-700 airliner used by Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines in the US. Two CRM56-7B20 engines power the aircraft with 20,600 pounds of thrust allowing for a top speed of 470 knots, or 540.86 miles per hour.

The aircraft is now open for use to anyone who can afford its hefty price tag. An hour on the jet alone is predicted to run tens of thousands of dollars. Miami Jet is committed to bringing you the latest news in aviation. For more articles like this one, be sure to frequently check our latest news page.  Our expert team of aircraft brokers will make the experience of purchasing an aircraft a breeze. Contact us and we will help make you soar into new heights!



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