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Greg Hermans


Greg earned his FAA private pilot certificate in 1994, then onto commercial and twin ratings shortly after. Aviation has been his passion since his first airplane ride at eight years old. Greg has an engineering background with years of business sales experience. Greg is the President of Miami Jet Inc., a former NAAA Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser, an accredited Buyer’s Agent, and an active member of the Certified Aircraft Appraiser Association. Call or email Greg anytime to discuss your aviation needs.

Darren Klink

Sales Representative

Darren Klink serves as a Sale Representative and has been a local marketing professional for almost 20 years. Darren brings a unique aviation element to Miami Jet having soloed as a teenager and has flown on and off for many years since then. His long term involvement the local aviation industry coupled with his professional background is an asset to our firm and our clients in marketing aircraft to potential buyers.

Hunter Gaylor

Aircraft Sales Representative

Hunter Gaylor is a Business leader, Graduate of Harvard University, and holds a certificate from Oxfords Blavatnik School of Government. He is a trusted voice in today’s world of private aviation charter and sales. In addition to his technology and travel knowledge. Hunter’s role in forging relations between the US and foreign countries concerning the importing of goods and services has been recognized by global state leaders. He has been recognized by the National Business Aviation Association’s and currently serves on the Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Association Board. Hunter is working in and around the airline industry spanning the USA Domestic, Middle East, and Europe airline markets redefining the commercial travel experience.

Erik Bledsoe

Director of Information Technology

Erik Bledsoe has been working in the Marketing & Information Technology field for over 20 years and brings his vast experience to the Norfolk Aviation team. His years of experience in web development, networking, marketing, and technology coordination allows Miami Jet to provide clients with the best experience possible. His extensive experience in electronic marketing gives Miami Jet clients an added edge in the competitive aviation sales industry.

Chris Haseitel

Aircraft Sales Representative

Chris began his aviation career in Norman Oklahoma where he obtained his private pilot license in 1999 before moving on to obtain his Commercial pilot,CFII and multi engine certificates. Chris continued his career owning various flight schools and flying 135 operations in South Florida before following his passion for aircraft sales. He has traveled to more than ten countries throughout Latin America for the better part of a decade selling Aircraft and Aircraft parts for his clients.

He is bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish.

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