Professionals in Aviation

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Hermans

Greg earned his FAA private pilot certificate in 1994, quickly followed by commercial and twin ratings. His passion for aviation has been unwavering since his first airplane ride at eight years old. Greg’s background in engineering, combined with years of business sales experience, has equipped him with a unique skill set that he brings to his role as President of Miami Jet Inc. He is also a former NAAA Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser, an accredited Buyer’s Agent, and President of the Certified Aircraft Appraiser Association. Greg’s extensive experience and dedication to the industry are evident in his personal involvement in over 600 aircraft sale transactions, ranging from Cessnas to Gulfstream Jets. Call or email Greg anytime to discuss your aviation needs, and benefit from his exceptional expertise and commitment to providing top-notch service.

Aircraft Sales Representative

Chris Haseitel

Chris Haseitel is an experienced commercial pilot and flight instructor with a career spanning over two decades. Since 1999, he has owned and operated several flight schools and worked as a part 135 pilot. He is also bilingual in English and Spanish, enabling him to connect with a broader client base. Chris has accumulated thousands of hours of flight time and is deeply passionate about aircraft sales. Based in Miami, he currently serves as a Jet Sales Representative for Miami Jet Inc. His extensive expertise and unwavering enthusiasm for aviation have made him a highly respected figure in the industry. Chris is dedicated to providing his clients with exceptional service and comprehensive expertise when it comes to buying or selling turbine-powered aircraft, ensuring they receive the best possible guidance and support throughout the entire process

Aircraft Sales Representative

Leigh Cheyne

Leigh, based in Australia, has owned and operated several successful aviation businesses over his 28-year career in the industry. With an extensive network of customers worldwide, he has assisted numerous major airlines in sourcing parts, engines, and components. Leigh is a highly capable and creative salesperson, passionate about achieving the best results for his clients, whether it involves sourcing and supplying parts or the purchase and sale of aircraft. His dedication and expertise have earned him a reputation for excellence and reliability in the aviation sector.

Aircraft Sales Representative

Darren Klink

Darren Klink serves as a Sales Representative and has been a dedicated local marketing professional for nearly two decades. Darren brings a unique aviation element to Miami Jet, having soloed as a teenager and flown on and off for many years since then. His extensive experience in the local aviation industry, combined with his professional marketing background, makes him an invaluable asset to our firm and our clients. Darren’s deep understanding of the aviation market and his ability to effectively communicate and connect with potential buyers enhance our ability to market aircraft successfully. His long-term involvement in the industry and his commitment to excellence ensure that our clients receive top-tier service and expertise when it comes to buying or selling aircraft. Darren’s passion for aviation and his professional acumen make him a respected and trusted representative in the aviation community, dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Marketing Director & Business Development Representative

Brian Galvan

Brian Galvan is a dynamic business development executive who has revolutionized digital strategies in the private aviation sector and beyond. With over a decade of experience, he combines cutting-edge marketing techniques with deep industry knowledge. Brian’s agency and DevOps background have equipped him with a diverse skill set, instrumental in success not just in aviation but across various industries. His innovative approaches have driven exponential organic growth and high-value lead generation. An expert in SEO/SEM, multi-channel digital campaigns, and custom analytics, Brian has a track record of success in lead generation for private aviation from air charter, management and aircraft sales. Additionally, Brian is an avid traveler and blogger, providing bespoke concierge travel advising and private charter booking service needs. As a registered travel advisor with a Virtuoso agency, he offers various exclusive properties globally to meet the custom travel needs of air charter clientele.