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Greg Hermans


Greg earned his FAA private pilot certificate in 1994, then onto commercial and twin ratings shortly after. Aviation has been his passion since his first airplane ride at eight years old. Greg has an engineering background with years of business sales experience. Greg is the President of Miami Jet Inc., a former NAAA Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser, an accredited Buyer’s Agent, and an active member of the Certified Aircraft Appraiser Association. Call or email Greg anytime to discuss your aviation needs.



Darren Klink

Director of Marketing

Darren Klink serves as our Marketing Director as well as a Sale Representative and has been a local marketing professional for almost 20 years. Darren brings a unique aviation element to Miami Jet having soloed as a teenager and has flown on and off for many years since then. His long term involvement the local aviation industry coupled with his professional background is an asset to our firm and our clients in marketing aircraft to potential buyers.



Mark Parry

Director of Maintenance & Sales Representative

Mark is the founder and president of Global Aircraft Consultant Group.  Mark has over 28 years of sales and corporate jet experience conducting and overseeing pre-buy inspections and maintenance. Including involvement with interior and exterior aircraft completion, manufacturing of aircraft, and aircraft appraisals. Included among his clients are: Bombardier, Lockheed Aerospace, Mutual of Omaha Bank and Air Flyte Inc.



Erik Bledsoe

Director of Information Technology

Erik Bledsoe has been working in the Information Technology field for over 15 years and brings his vast experience to the Norfolk Aviation team. His years of experience in web development, networking, and technology coordination allows Norfolk Aviation to provide clients with the best experience possible. His extensive experience in electronic marketing gives Norfolk Aviation clients an added edge in the competitive aviation sales industry.


Joe Hartmann

Sales Representative

Joe has years of experience with Dassualt Falcon Jets. Including the F10, F20, F50, F900,F2000,and F7X. He has direct working relationships with Dassault management, service and engineers in the USA headquarters. He has a thorough understanding of flight operations in pilot training and simulation with a specialty on the EASy avionics platform. Joe has rounded out his expertise in maintenance operations with technical knowledge in required inspections of Falcon Jets.



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