Expanding 135 Operations

Miami Jet is excited to announce its progress towards finalizing its Part 135 operation, expanding our services to include charter flights. In tandem with this development, we are establishing a comprehensive maintenance service station at Opa-locka Executive Airport (KOPF). These strategic expansions will allow Miami Jet to offer a full spectrum of aviation services, from aircraft sales and acquisitions to charter operations and maintenance, all under one trusted brand.



Executive Search

Miami Jet is embarking on an exciting growth phase and is actively seeking a visionary CEO to lead our expansion efforts. As we progress through investment rounds, we’re looking for an experienced aviation leader with a proven track record in scaling businesses and driving innovation. The ideal candidate will oversee our expansion into Part 135 operations, the development of our maintenance service station at KOPF, and future strategic initiatives. This key leadership role will be crucial in leveraging our established reputation, fostering investor and client relationships, and steering Miami Jet towards continued success in the evolving aviation industry.



Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport Renamed

The Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport has officially been renamed to Miami Executive Airport, reflecting its significance in the region’s aviation landscape. This rebranding aligns with the airport’s growing importance and its role in serving the greater Miami area. Despite this change, Miami Jet’s Corporate Headquarters proudly remains at its longstanding location within this newly renamed facility. Our continued presence at Miami Executive Airport underscores our commitment to the local aviation community and our strategic position in the heart of South Florida’s dynamic aviation sector.



William Blackford opens Miami Jet Center

William Blackford’s vision came to life with the opening of Miami Jet Center, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of corporate and private air travel through the Miami gateway. This pioneering facility set new standards for luxury and efficiency, catering to the growing demand for personalized aviation services in South Florida. The Miami Jet Center quickly became a hub for discerning travelers, offering a seamless blend of top-tier amenities and expert aviation support. Blackford’s innovative approach not only transformed the local aviation landscape but also laid the foundation for Miami’s emergence as a key player in the global private aviation market.



Tamiami Airport Moves to New Location

The Tamiami Airport, a cornerstone of Miami’s aviation history, underwent a significant transformation when it moved to its new and current location. This relocation marked a pivotal moment in the airport’s development, allowing for expanded facilities and improved services to meet the growing demands of South Florida’s aviation community. The original Tamiami Airport was established in 1947, serving as a crucial hub for general aviation and flight training in the post-World War II era. The move to its present-day site not only preserved the airport’s rich heritage but also positioned it for future growth, cementing its role as a vital component of Miami’s diverse aviation landscape.



Tamiami Airport Open Up

Tamiami Airport, a significant piece of Miami’s aviation history, was established between 1944 and 1947, emerging in the post-World War II aviation boom. The original facility featured three short runways, reflecting the needs and capabilities of aircraft during that era. This modest beginning laid the foundation for what would become a crucial hub for general aviation and flight training in South Florida. The airport’s opening marked the start of a new chapter in Miami’s development, providing essential infrastructure for the region’s growing aviation needs and setting the stage for future expansions and improvements.