New Aircraft from Paris Air Show 2019

There was an amazing Air Show in Paris last month! We saw some interesting models and figured you’d be interested in them too. So, are you ready to see what’s new in the industry and what aircraft models are coming to shake up the market a bit?

Airbus Vahana - Electric Aircraft - Latest Jet News - Miami Jet

Airbus Vahana

The first one on our list is Airbus Vahana – the first certified electric, self-piloted, vertical take-off and landing passenger aircraft. What can we say? – This a great example of what urban mobile aircraft is going to look like soon. The manufacturer is currently working on the second version but won’t announce any plans for the production.




Boeing KC-46A Pegasus - Giant Airbus New Model - Latest Aircraft News - Miami Jet

Boeing KC-46A Pegasus

This Boeing is set to replace the 1950s-era Boeing KC-135 “Stratotanker”. Pegasus is a modern adaptation of the 767-airliner equipped with both tail-mounted “flying boom” and underwing probe-and-drogue systems for aerial refueling. Deliveries of the first aircraft started last year but were held off because of the refueling issues.



Embraer Praetor 600 - Paris Air Show 2019 - Latest Aircraft News - Miami Jet

Embraer Praetor 600

Meet the updated version of the Legacy 500 “super-midsize” business jet! It has everything you need: extra fuel, higher-rated engines, blended winglets, improved flight controls aimed to reduce the effects of turbulence. The last but not least – the latest “Bossa Nova” cabin interior.




Eviation Alice - Paris Air Show 2019 - Latest Aircraft News - Miami Jet

Eviation Alice

First time seen in full-size, the Alice is a fully electric aircraft that satisfies FAA Part 135 regulations for commuter services. The aircraft is equipped with three 350-hp (260-kW) electric motors, each driving a pusher propeller and a 900 kWh Li-ion battery in its commuter version. The airplane can transport up to nine passengers and has a cruising speed of 240 kt.



Pilatus PC-24 - Paris Air Show 2019 - Latest Aircraft News - Miami Jet

Pilatus PC-24

12-passenger business-jet from Pilatus seems like the perfect aircraft to take a huge bite of the mid-class aircraft sector. This twin-jet PC-24 was announced in Geneva in 2014 and now we can see it in its complete form and production has already started. The first customers are Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Botswana Air Force, and Switzerland Air Force.


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