Miami Jet Launches Pilot Referral Program

Private Jet Sales - Sell my Business Jet - Buy a Jet for my Business - Referrals for Aircraft SalesAt Miami Jet, we know that pilots, mechanics and airport staff are the eyes and ears on the ground and in the pilot lounges and maintenance facilities of FBO’s. That means that they often hear about owners who are considering selling their aircraft, or those who are searching for a new one. But you never thought that these passing conversations could turn into an actual payout! Miami Jet offers pilots, mechanics and airport staff the opportunity to earn real compensation when you provide information that leads to a sale brokered by us!

Pilot Referrals for Aircraft Sales - Private Jet Sales - Sell my Business Jet - Buy a Jet for my Business

Miami Jet is a full service jet/turbine aircraft sales, acquisition and appraisal firm. Our recent merger with American Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions Turbine Division enhances our extensive experience and reach of services to our clients.  Because we focus on jet/turbine aircraft only, you can expect only the highest level of professional assistance from our team.  Our emphasis is developing and sustaining long-term client relationships. Our years of experience in private aviation provides our clients with the service and information necessary to stay ahead of market curves and trends.  We look forward to working for you!

Private Jet Brokers - Pilot Referrals for Aircraft Sales - Private Jet Sales - Sell my Business Jet - Buy a Jet for my Business

We regularly reach out to our aviation partners in search of potential sellers and buyers, and our new referral program offers levelled compensation based on the results of the sale or purchase. We know that your knowledge of an aircraft’s status is sensitive so we will keep all of your information strictly confidential. We also want it to be clear that paying a legitimate referral fee is common practice in aircraft sales, as long as it is not a conflict of interest. We may follow up with you to ensure that this does not occur for your benefit as well. Miami Jet has paid thousands of dollars in referral compensation over the years! So why not turn your knowledge of the aviation industry into cash?

If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell an aircraft or helicopter, and would like to take advantage of this unique program, please click here for more details, or contact us if you have any questions! Rest assured that the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. And if you’re looking to sell your business jet, or you’re looking to purchase a new-to-you private aircraft – the Miami Jet team is focused, dedicated a results driven. We’ll find the perfect aircraft for your needs, or sell your jet in the shortest amount of time for the highest possible dollar!

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