Meet Joe Hartmann – Miami Jets Newest Team Member

Miami Jet - Jet Sales and Acquisitions - Aircraft Sales Contractors - Miami Jet Sales Associates At Miami Jet, our team of pilots, marketers and aircraft sales agents are the backbone of our company. Our team makes us who we are, and it’s the Miami Jet team that is responsible for our top-notch customer service, and professional services that our clients have come to expect. Because of this, we’re extremely excited to announce our latest addition to the Miami Jet team – Joe Hartmann.

Joe has years of experience with Dassualt Falcon Jets. Including the F10, F20, F50, F900,F2000,and F7X. He has direct working relationships with Dassault management, service and engineers in the USA headquarters. He has a thorough understanding of flight operations in pilot training and simulation with a specialty on the EASy avionics platform. Joe has rounded out his expertise in maintenance operations with technical knowledge in required inspections of Falcon Jets.

Joe’s experience with a large variety of jets makes him the ideal sales representative for Miami Jet. His knowledge of required inspections allow him to approach the sales and acquisition process from the viewpoint of an expert. Joe is a valuable asset to the Miami Jet Sales team, his enthusiasm for the world of aviation and technical knowledge gives him, and Miami Jet, an edge when it comes to selling private aircraft! We are excited to see him continue to thrive as a part of our team!

If you’re looking to upgrade your private business jet, or you’re looking to sell your aircraft – Miami Jet is your trusted name in aviation. Our expert sales team has the experience, the dedication, and the knowledge to make your buying or selling experience as smooth as possible. From appraisals, to closing, we take care of everything! We’ll sell your aircraft in the shortest possible time for the highest dollar! And if you’re looking to buy, we’ll make sure you find a jet that meets all of your needs for the right price-point! Contact us today for a no obligation consultation!

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