Luxury Meets Efficiency: Private Flying

When you talk to people about flying on private aircraft, you often find yourself answering the same questions: “What are the advantages of flying on a private plane versus flying on a commercial airline?” and “Isn’t flying private considered a luxury?”

Private Jet Hanger - Private Jet Convenience - Airport Hanger - Jet Sales - Private Jet Sales - Miami Jet Sales There are tons of advantages to private jet travel. We even listed 9 of the most important ones in a recent article. And, while it’s true that private jet accommodations can be luxurious, the biggest advantage of flying on a private jet is convenience and efficiency. For example, with private jets, you don’t have to fly out of busy commercial hubs (unless you want to). If you live or work near a smaller general aviation airport, you can depart from there and avoid the massive amounts of traffic usually associated with larger airports.

Even if passengers choose to leave from a busy hub airport, they depart from a small facility called a Fixed Base of Operation, or FBO. This cuts out all of the chaos of a commercial terminal. Before 9-11, security was more relaxed and passengers could drive their own cars onto the tarmac. But today, they must park in an adjoining lot and take the provided shuttle to the aircraft. It’s not a bad deal – parking lots for private flyers are usually free and secure 24/7. And, transport drivers are there to help load passengers’ bags onto their plane. With private travel, you’re always with your belongings and luggage so there’s no reason to worry that luggage will be lost, damaged, or sent to the wrong city which often happens with commercial flights.

Flying private also saves passengers the stress and frustration of going through huge security lines. While the aircraft captain maintains the right to search his passengers’ bags, there is no line, no X-ray machine, wand, or removal of accessories. That’s right! No stinky feet of the passenger in front of you. Aircraft captains traditionally greet their passengers at the FBO and ask to see identification before bringing the group aboard the aircraft. But if passengers are late, the aircraft waits for them. Every flight is a direct flight, so no sprinting from one end to the other in Atlanta when the tram is down. And, once you’re on the aircraft, you can chose when to eat from the selected food that is pre-ordered before take-off.

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Flying private is just that – private. So things that need to stay confidential, can stay confidential. The only people on board are those invited by the lead passenger or the owner of the aircraft. The group can work uninterrupted or even hold meetings if they need to, all without feat of being overheard by others. Depending on the make and model of your aircraft, the use of electronics is widely available. And you can even travel safely with your pet in the cabin. You can stand up and stretch your legs, walk around and even sleep comfortably with plenty of leg room.

If you feel like everyone is saying the same thing about private flying, it’s because it’s simply true. There is no easier, more comfortable way to fly. If you need more reasons why private flying is the way to go for business owners or entrepreneurs, contact Miami Jet today! We have an inventory of business jets that is constantly growing, and we’re guaranteed to have the perfect fit for your lifestyle. And our experienced sales team is waiting to help you find the jet of your dreams!

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