Learjet 76 Liberty is the Next Air Ambulance

LearJet Ambulance - Aviation News - Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet NewsIn the U.S, we’re used to air ambulances being helicopters as major hospitals are now equipped with landing pads to transport those in dire need of medical care.

In Poland, they’re trying something different.

According to a recent announcement by Bombardier, Warsaw-based Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (LPR) has ordered two Learjet 75 Liberty light jets to be refurbished and turned into air ambulances in Poland. The jets will be converted in the Fargo Jet Center in North Dakota and Spectrum Aeromed will provide the medical equipment.

These will be the first jets LPR receives, as an operator of a fleet of 25 helicopters and two turboprops refurbished as air ambulances. The jets are set to arrive for their fitting in late 2020, with a delivery date to LPR in 2021.

“The acquisition of the new Learjet 75 Liberty aircraft fits perfectly into our strategic plans for growth in Poland and will provide the necessary combination of speed and range to drive the expansion of our operational capabilities and EMS transport availability into international operations,” said LPR director of key project management Wojciech Wozniczka.

The Learjet Liberty 75 was picked specifically for its long-distance travel capabilities. The 2,080-nm-range is able to reach all European destinations from Warsaw, going as far as Iceland, Russia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. The cabin size is ideal as it can fit up to three stretchers, medical equipment, and staff.

It’ll be interesting to see if other air ambulance providers make use of private aircraft to transport people in need over long distances. We’ve already seen how private aviation has a history of disaster relief, you can read more about that in our previous article here.

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