Leading Private Jet Provider Monarch, Now Accepting BitCoin

Private Jet Travel - Private Jet Convenient - Private Jet Sales - Miami Jet Sales - Buy Private JetIn a move aimed to increase customer service, accessibility and customization of their service, Monarch Air Group has decided to accept Bitcoin payment.
In a fast-paced market that’s main goal is time-efficiency, private jet consumers cannot afford to limit themselves to standard banking hours. At least, thats what  Rishi Maharaj, Executive Account Manager for Monarch Air Group thinks. “In a world where the business aviation market is more of a necessity than a luxury, as an industry leader, Monarch, is among the first in line to evolve and accept the new currency. We at Monarch continuously enhance and streamline our booking process, with methods like digital contracts, live online quoting and no membership fee charter programs”.

Bitcoin has no transaction fees and no financial middleman, shaking up the financial sector since its arrival in 2006. You don’t even need to give your real name during a bitcoin transaction. Monarch Air Group predicts that in 2018 approximately 3 to 5 percent of flights will be booked with Bitcoin as a primary form of payment. “It might be even more; a fact that wouldn’t come as surprise for us due to the steady increase in transactions registered on a yearly basis”, suggested Maharaj.

Bitcoin’s transaction volume in 2017 raised to $260 million per day – or $180,000 per minute, according to the latest statistics; rising 55% in 2017 as reported by Cointelegraph.com.

This definitely solidifies Bitcoin’s position, the worlds first decentralized digital currency, as a front-runner in the payment realm. At Miami Jet, we’re excited to see how this will affect the business aviation market, where the main customers are CEO’s and top executives. It might be a mix of credit card, wire transfers and Bitcoin to secure bookings; and the latter’s amount of usage will continue to vary depending on its monthly and even weekly price fluctuation.

Monarch Air Group, the leading Fort Lauderdale based business-aviation provider, is doing what it takes to continuously adapt to the market trends and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to customer flexibility; arguably the most important aspect of a private jet provider.

With all of these new and exciting developments in the business aviation industry, there is no better time than now to get involved. Browse our inventory of sharp and beautifully maintained used aircraft! We have the perfect aircraft to meet your businesses needs, improve your productivity and help you close deals faster. Our experienced and efficient sales team is here to help you every step of the way!  Call us today at 305-894-9344!

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