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The X-59 QueSST is NASA's super-quiet and super-fast invention, leaving all other jets behind in design and technology. The fundamental purpose of
AT&T and Verizon Communication have declared that they will delay the deployment of the 5G network in the United States.
The turboprop is an aircraft with gas turbine engines connected to a gearbox. The turboprop is also called a P
The famous Boeing 737 Max is the most scrutinized aircraft in aviation history, but critics still have some concerns about
The battle of turboprop vs turbojet aircraft has been going on for quite some time now amongst the aviation community.
Helen Keller once said, “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Seems like ZeroAvia took
Various companies have been racing to build the first all-electric flying taxi — and Lilium, one of Germany’s leading flying
They say patience is the key to success. And It seems like Textron Aviation - one of the famous aircraft
Oprah Winfrey once said, “it's great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private
Embraer never disappoints its customers. Whether it’s about producing new commercial turboprop aircraft and military jets or providing aeronautical services,
The eight million, one hundred thousand dollar project of Oklahoma's Ponca City Regional Airport (KPNC) to reconstruct its 7,200-foot runway
Still feeling the great impact of the pandemic, global aviation services group Air Partner predicts a rising surge in travel
Kam Air made history for Afghanistan with the first all-women crew successful flight. Not only was this a first for
Although many different industries and businesses have suffered financially due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry has arguably taken
Despite the airline and travel industries' downfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new airline has made its way into
It’s been a while since the world had to readjust to COVID-19, but thankfully in the world of aviation, operations
Trade brokerage Jetcraft, which both advises clients on purchases and has its own inventory of aircraft, has said that the
President Joe Biden arrived in style to the inauguration on a chartered private jet breaking the tradition of arriving on
Both houses of the US Congress have passed the third Coronavirus relief package for the aviation transport industry. This package
If you’re interested in private aviation, chances are that you’re interested in speed & efficiency. It’s true that by traveling
Jets come in all different shapes and sizes, but ultra-long-range jets are usually the largest, fastest jets that have the
Not too long ago, we covered the future of sustainable fuel, and how airlines have been very slow at adopting
Buying an aircraft is no small purchase and it usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag. As with any
Have you ever wondered about what exactly autothrottles do? Most people probably hadn’t, since until a few years ago fully
The FalconConnect portal for Dassault Aviation business jets has been reconfigured by Honeywell Aerospace to include a new dashboard with
Hailing from what is often considered the cantaloupe capital of the world, Stamoules Produce Company is a family-owned business that
We tend to follow the big names when it comes to aircraft development, how they progress the field, and the
Los Angeles is known for a lot of things, and this just adds to the ever-growing eclecticism of the area.
Recently, the Spirit of Liberty Foundation hosted “America’s Operation Thank You: Relay in the Sky”, which was a tribute to
A few weeks ago, Bombardier announced a celebration of the success of one of business aviation’s most popular aircraft. In
It’s nice to be able to understand how a component of our lives work in more detail, as it gives
Have you always wanted to be behind the wheel of an aircraft? Certified and able to soar in a jet
One of the industries that have been greatly affected by the pandemic is the aviation industry, and this is mainly
We enjoy aviation and aircraft here, and to many others it’s deeply ingrained to their lifestyle and passions. The joys
Firnas Private is an executive aviation provider based in the UK. CEO Kazi Rahman provides his top 5 predictions for
Since the announcement of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, there have been a lot of questions. The
With technology constantly improving, manufacturers are always introducing new ways to enhance their latest aircraft models. Upgrades like these are
Leap Day isn’t something we necessarily think of as exciting. An extra day that happens every four years, almost like
The number one thing on the news and on everyone’s minds: COVID-19. Whether your state has mandated a stay-at-home order
As advised by the CDC and World Health Organization, Covid-19 is incredibly contagious with cases popping up all over the
We all know you must be passionate if you want to be involved with aircraft, but you have to be a
We’ve seen a lot happen as a result of COVID-19, and not all of it is doom and gloom. For
There’s a new industry emerging in the field of private vacationing. Private jet tours that go all around the world
There are days when the only thing we see in the news has the phrase COVID-19 in it. The media,
Gulfstream G700
  The latest flagship by Gulfstream that was introduced at NBAA-BACE in October, completed its flight test on Valentine's Day,
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No matter what’s going on in the world right now, let this story warm your heart. As kids, most of
Opa Locka Executive Airport
While the Kansas City Chiefs achieved a historic victory at the Superbowl for the first time in decades, airports were
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In the U.S, we’re used to air ambulances being helicopters as major hospitals are now equipped with landing pads to
Miami Jet - Private Jet Broker - Private Jet Sales - Challenger Jet
Seattle is no stranger to hearing and seeing the Blue Angels soar through August skies. However, at the Boeing Seafair
International travel has hit a slow down in light of the Coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China. Commercial airports are
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Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport opened in April The long-awaited structure is a dome made of glass and metal designed to
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Wingly is a hybrid of the private aviation and ride-sharing industry that was founded 4 years ago by three Frenchmen:
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The private jet charter subsidiary of Delta has partnered for a minority stake in Wheel Up. Together, it now has
As celebrities and activists from all over the world were hosted by Google in Sicily to focus on making decisions
There was an amazing Air Show in Paris last month! We saw some interesting models and figured you’d be interested
NASA announced that they are planning a planetary science mission called Dragonfly to Saturn’s moon Titan. After it lands, it
We just stumbled upon some beautiful infographics about private jets of world leaders made by Air Charter Service. We picked
A career in aviation is the dream of millions. There are many different positions in the industry, but today we
There is a YouTube channel about everything now, so we thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go
It’s time to bust a myth or two again! Let’s go over some of the most popular aviation myths and
Nowadays the Wi-Fi is pretty much everywhere. Even your fridge probably has Wi-Fi if you bought it in the last
Driving a Honda is one thing, but have you tried flying one No, we’re not talking about a new CR-V
It’s always sad to see old aircraft being decommissioned. But what do you think happens with it after it’s disassembled?
The future is here! Or, at least it’s trying really hard to get here. Bell just unveiled an innovative air
‘The Lamborghini of the skies’ – that’s what people call Cessna’s Citation X+, the fastest private jet in the world. 
The luxury-jet market is shifting towards the seller right now. If you were in the market for a luxury-jet a
Miami Jet Team members Greg, Darren and Joe attend the popular NBAA Regional Conference held at the West Palm Beach
One of the biggest issues of the aviation industry is air pollution. Everyone knows that aircraft have a huge impact
We have all heard ... "To Protect and Serve" but this is taken to a whole new level with Miami
There are hundreds of factors that can affect your flight, from the engine’s condition to the runway being wet. Wind
Boeing has sold its first BBJ Max to a customer. The Boeing Business Jet is well-known as one of the
Inflight cooks and cabin attendants spend hours researching recent food trends. In-flight experts know everything about serving delicious and luxurious
There are just two months left before the 2019 begins. Based on this year’s events and industry news, we can
One of the advantages of flying on a private jet is being able to sleep with comfort. But wait, there
  There’s a great chance you’ve heard the saying, “Most sellers pass up the best offer (of the highest price
We all know that you need a lot of stuff to fly on a regular flight – your passport, a
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were travelling to Amsterdam for a private party that included different celebrities. They hired a
Imagine a plane. What color does it have it your imagination? The chances are it’s all white. Why? Because almost
Flying at multiple times the speed of a commercial passenger planes, these private jets reach unbelievable level of comfort and
The weirdest and most interesting private jet requests have been revealed by a private aviation company serving ultra-high net worth
At Miami Jet, our team of pilots, marketers and aircraft sales agents are the backbone of our company. Our team
At Miami Jet, we know that pilots, mechanics and airport staff are the eyes and ears on the ground and
We’ve heard from numerous business jet owners that 2018 is the year to replace your aircraft. The business jet market
Business Jet pilots, crew and passengers see almost as many hotel rooms as they do airport runways. In fact, industry
Bombardier Business Aircraft has just unveiled the Nuage, an industry changing seat on Bombardier's Global 7000 aircraft. This new design
We hear from our clients all the time that in addition to doing business domestically, one of the main draws
As the FAA and EASA certifications of the Citation Longitude loom ever closer, manufacturer Cessna is setting out to demonstrate
Whether you’re a prospective buyer or seller, you're probably feeling confused about the used business aircraft market over the past
The preowned business jet market has been transitioning into a seller’s market since December, with inventory now at just 9.9
On December 22nd, 2017 President Donald Trump announced the new US tax reform, planning to bring the corporate tax down
In a move aimed to increase customer service, accessibility and customization of their service, Monarch Air Group has decided to
When you talk to people about flying on private aircraft, you often find yourself answering the same questions: “What are
There are about 5,000 airports in the United States of America but only 500 of them are accessible via commercial
There are a vast number of reasons why you should travel using private jets. We’ve compiled a list of the
After 10 years of development and hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, the single-engine jet maker is ready to
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