Kam Air Flies First All-Women Crew

Kam Air made history for Afghanistan with the first all-women crew successful flight. Not only was this a first for Kam Air, but a first for the country as a whole. For the nation that has had a history of non-existent and poor women’s rights, this is a huge step in the right direction and will be deemed a historical flight.

The airline has only been around since 2003, and it is the only privately run airline in the country. The aircraft flown was a 23-year-old Boeing 737-500. Although this is considered an elderly aircraft, it is still a year older than Kam Air’s first female Afghan pilot, Mohadese Mirzaee who is just 22. In addition to being the first female Afghan pilot to join Kam air. Mirzaee was the youngest of the crew. She took the role of First Officer next to Captain Veronica Borysova, age 32 who was the second female pilot to join the airline.

Due to the pandemic, a large celebratory gathering was discouraged so the women invited YouTube’s most-watched aviation aficionado and flight reviewer, Josh Cahill, to experience the flight.

Experience the flight in Josh’s video below:


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