Flight Coach and What You Can Do to Help

We enjoy aviation and aircraft here, and to many others it’s deeply ingrained to their lifestyle and passions. The joys and fleeting feeling of flight offers an experience like none other, especially if you’re in control of your own freedom and destination. However, there are always risks when doing anything, and while people know the risks involved, it’s always good to find ways to mitigate these risks. Doing so ensures that we can enjoy our passions safely and make the world a better place in general.Choreo Electronics - Private Jet Brokerage - Miami Jet - Buy Private Jet


Choreo Electronics are aiming to reduce such risks involved with aviation and flying using a pilot training tool called FlightCoach. FlightCoach is a device to help pilots develop the skills to become more aware of natural ways to use their own senses to avoid potential loss-of-control situations. Skills such as innately recognizing the sounds of slow flight or the feeling of uncoordinated flight without using obtrusive visual and audio indications. Finding ways to mitigate loss-of-control is important, because more than 40% of general aviation fatal accidents occur due to this, and this is one of the important first steps to keep pilots in control.

Flight Coach - Miami Jet - Sell Private Jet - Aircraft NewsThis is great and all, but it’s still in beta, and the developers at Choreo Electronics are looking for pilots to help them refine the technology. They’ve been in personal testing for around two months, but Rudy Moore, the founder of Choreo Electronics, stresses that he would like beta testing to be the next step for FlightCoach. He says he would “like to get 100 pilots to participate in the beta testing” as he believes it’s a way to improve safety across all of general aviation. From any walks of life, from just starting under the safety of a pro, or you yourself are a pro, everything helps to make sure this device can make everyone safe.


So if you’re confident in your skills and are capable of explaining your process, then try to go to their site to sign up! Especially if you’re an instructor, Choreo Electronics encourages student usage as well.


As buyers, sellers, and appraisers of private aircraft, we believe in the positive impact that can make everything aviation safer. Of course to contribute, getting your own jet would be beneficial to help! So if you’re in the market for a convenient solution to your travel needs, take a look at our inventory. Miami Jet is your experienced partner in private aviation, ready to help you at every step of the way.

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