What is The Fastest Private Jet?

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If you’re interested in private aviation, chances are that you’re interested in speed & efficiency. It’s true that by traveling privately you’re saving a ton of time. From waiting in lines to check-in baggage to parking, private travel is overall much more efficient than commercial travel. But ignoring the practicality of flying private, private jets pack a lot of punch when it comes to straight-up speed. And who doesn’t like to go fast?

But what is the fastest business jet out there? We’re breaking down the 5 fastest business jets out there.

  1. Dassault Falcon 7X/8X:

Dassault’s trijets, add another engine to the basic family and push up its ultimate speed. They’re known as Mach 0.9 aircraft, although their cruise speed is slower than that of Bombardier Global.

  1. Bombardier Global 5500/6500:

This is why the Bombardier Global is number four. Another pair of Bombardier’s Global Express variants, sporting upgraded Rolls-Royce BR700 engines and in turn, having more oomph at their disposal. They have the same maximum speed as Falcon 7X and 8X, but higher cruising speed.

  1. Gulfstream G500/G600/G650/G700:

While they have the same top speed as Falcon 7X/8X and Global 550/650, for the upper part of Gulfstream’s lineup the speed isn’t the only important number – their cruising altitude is known for being incredibly high. Although these aircraft have differing airframes and sometimes different engines, Gulfstream made them all the same speed. But because of their differing build, a daring pilot could push some of them to go a little bit faster.

  1. Bombardier Global

The tippy top of Bombardier’s lineup, Global 7500 and 8000 can reach Mach 0.925, although their cruising speeds are 0.90 (high) and 0.85 (normal). Some companies leasing this aircraft claim it to be the fastest business jet in the world because it has set several world records. While that is undeniably impressive, when it comes to the raw speed, Bombardier doesn’t take the cake.

  1. Cessna Citation X/X+

So – this isn’t exactly fair… Citation X and its upgraded variant X+ are no longer produced, unlike all the other aircraft on this list. But it’s pretty much agreed that Citation X is the fastest business jet that ever existed, at least until those supersonic business jets enter production in the near future. Powered by the same engine found on Embraer regional airliners, this aircraft is significantly faster than all of the others on this list.  Unfortunately, it was low order numbers that caused this aircraft to be discontinued and we speed enthusiasts sure do miss it.Miami Aviation Sales - Fastest Jet Plane - Private Jet Sales - Miami Jet Sales

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