Embraer Unfolds Its New Turboprop Concept For Regional Airline Market

Embraer never disappoints its customers. Whether it’s about producing new commercial turboprop aircraft and military jets or providing aeronautical services, it knows how to do things right. The Brazilian multinational aerospace manufacturer recently unveiled its latest turboprop concept for the North American regional airline market.

According to the remarks by its top engineering executive during a live netcast, Embraer is researching the advancement of a next-gen turboprop airplane with engines fitted at the back. The purpose of this conspicuously new concept is to provide passengers with a great jet-like experience.

“Our proposition is to provide a high technology 70 to 90 seat turboprop with the same architectural plan of the e-jets. Very convenient, no middle seats and capacious overhead bins,” said Luís Carlos Affonso — senior vice president of the e-jets program at a Brazilian multinational aerospace company.

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“The rear fuselage-mounted engines will offer a quiet cabin and grant jet bridge compatibility. With groundbreaking features, this turboprop will replace the current 50-seat regional jets in relevant aircraft markets.” This plane will be Embraer’s first new turboprop since the EMB-120 Brasília, which they made in 2001.

Luís Carlos Affonso also discussed his opinion of the disappearance of turboprops. He believed that turboprops have vanished over the last two decades from new airplane designs and development programs targeting regional airlines. According to him, this happened because of four reasons — their small size, their excessive fuel consumption, their noise, and their discomfort.

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Embraer’s new plane will bring turboprop aircraft designs and development programs again to the scene. “Our plan will be a jet-like turboprop, with the only difference that it will use from 20 to 40 percent less fuel and emit up to 40 percent less carbon, so it will be an important airplane if we come to launch it,” Affonso stated.

The central body portion of the new Embraer turboprop aircraft will be based on the same design concept of the E1/E1 jetliner family. The addition of two pylon-mounted turboprop engines on either side of the T-tail will make it much more noiseless than the existing turboprop models. The wings at rearwards will balance the weight of the engines in the back.

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