Dramatic Rescue of Winnie the Pooh by Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines - Aviation News - Miami Jet - Aircraft BrokersNo matter what’s going on in the world right now, let this story warm your heart. As kids, most of us had our one precious possession. That toy you got as children, a blanket you couldn’t sleep without, or, in this case, a stuffed bear.

Southwest Airlines has made headlines several times for being a company that does some interesting things for passengers, both good and bad. Notably on the good side, Southwest was known for its flight attendants having funny renditions of the ‘safety announcement’ most of us could recite by heart, including the hand motions.

In February 2020, Southwest was able to reunite a little girl and her adorable Winnie the Pooh after it was accidentally left on the plane. Rebecca Kurtz had just finished checking into her hotel with her daughter in Las Vegas when they both realized he was missing.


Kurtz tweeted the airline with pictures of the bear and the flight information while on the phone with the baggage claim.

Being the social media hawks they are, Southwest responded with a unique set of photos to showcase their own bear with the precious Winnie.

The airline kept Rebecca and the world updated on all the experiences the bear had, with his companion the Southwest Pilot bear, until the family was reunited at the airport before their return trip.

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