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There’s a great chance you’ve heard the saying, “Most sellers pass up the best offer (of the highest price and best terms).” And it’s true! Far too often, sellers will hold out for a certain dollar amount and pass up offers that might be their best bet. Unfortunately, this means they often end up settling for a much lower price. Not to mention, they’re shelling out tens of thousands of dollars on private jet upkeep like hangar storage, maintenance, insurance, and other routine costs. Even worse, their estate often ends up selling it later for just pennies on the dollar.

Continue reading to hear about a real-life example. (Names have been changed to protect the aircraft owner’s privacy.)

Oscar put his business jet on the market in April of 2018, asking $5.6 million, because he truly believed that is what it is worth. Two weeks after the aircraft was listed, Oscar received an offer for $5.2 million. He chose to reject the offer, thinking he could do better.

Then, several months went by and Oscar was presented with offers in the range of $4.5M to $4.9M, while continuing to pay for the jet’s maintenance and upkeep. Oscar’s jet was not flown since April 2018, which was being pointed out and considered by potential buyers. In the beginning of October 2018, Oscar received another offer – for $4.8 million. Oscar immediately accepted the offer, which actually resulted in almost $500,000 less in pocket when all said and done.

A professional business jet broker, a company that specializes in the acquisition and sale of private jets will advise you of an expected sale price or range. Their job is to work 24/7 on your aircraft’s sale and acquisition. It’s really important, when you’re searching for an aircraft broker, to ask, “What is a realistic price point for my aircraft?”. If they don’t want to give you a straight answer, then it’s time to look for service somewhere else.

At Miami Jet, Greg, Darren, Mark, and Robert will provide you with detailed knowledge – as much as you’d like to know! Our goal is to make sure there are absolutely no big surprises during the sale or acquisition process. When a great offer has been presented for your jet, we will explain why you should settle on it.

Miami Jet will sell your aircraft for top dollar in the shortest amount of time, including the best terms! Give us the opportunity and we will partner with you for a wonderful and worry-free experience. Don’t let your aircraft sit on the market losing value -Miami Jet will make sure you get the best price for your business jet. Contact us online or call us today at 305-894-9344!

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