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Exclusive private air membership provides global access to our extensive network of aircraft for those with exclusive private air travel needs.

Leveraging our expertise in the aviation and travel industries, we assist our clients in finding the perfect aircraft to meet their requirements.

Whether you need a quick private flight for two or an Airbus 330 for 120 passengers, we cater to the needs of our exclusive members.

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Private Charter Flights

Deseo Charters is a wholesale provider of private charter flights for its exclusive members looking to find the right aircraft for their needs. Working in aviation & the travel industries, we have been able to help our clients find the right aircraft they need.

We do NOT charge commission on ANY aircraft! Our main business as globally registered luxury travel advisors is to provide our clientele with access to aircraft operators that can handle their flight needs.

Whether it’s a quick private flight for two or needing an Airbus 330 for 120 passengers, we handle the needs for our exclusive members. Our main business is in helping you book end travel needs…(Safaris, Luxury cruises, Antarctica trips, luxury vacation getaways etc).

After working in the private aviation industry helping run Part 135 & 91 operators, we started this as a no hassle way for members to source ANY aircraft and avoid the hassles of negotiating with brokers or feeling like brokers are taking advantage of a situation.

Interested in how it works?