The Challenger line of business jets may be one of the best options for your travel needs. Bombardier’s Challenger family of aircraft includes midsize and large jets, with a perfect balance of high speed, extensive range, and impressive endurance. These aircraft have been finely tuned to meet the needs of corporate travelers as well as those seeking privacy on a personal getaway.

Challenger cabin interiors are much roomier, typically 2 feet wider than Lear, Citation, Beech, Embraer, and Gulfstream models. More cabin headroom accommodates passengers 6 feet in height. Operating costs are comparable, but acquisition prices -especially the earlier 600 series, have relatively lower acquisition costs.

Miami Jet is familiar with the design and service requirements of Challenger jets. Our experience goes back to participation in manufacturing many of these jets in Wichita Kansas. We regularly perform routine inspections, pre-purchase inspections, and appraisals on Challenger jets and many other turbine aircraft.

Challenger Jet values have remained steady recently. We keep in tune with the market and receive updates almost daily, so you can buy or sell with confidence after consultation including our market analysis.

Contact our Sales Team to learn which model will best suit your needs.


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