Cessna Unveils Quietest Cabin in Business Aviation History

Cessna Cabin - Quietest Cabin - Private Jet - Private Jet Sales - Miami Private Jet As the FAA and EASA certifications of the Citation Longitude loom ever closer, manufacturer Cessna is setting out to demonstrate just how quiet the aircraft’s cabin is.

Once certified and the first deliveries are made, the longitude will be the largest Citation to date, with a carrying capacity of up to 12 passengers. With just four passengers aboard, the aircraft boasts a minimum range of 3,500nm.

Manufacturer Cessna recently took Corporate Jet Investor, a publication geared toward business aviation news, on a one-hour flight, leaving from Farnborough, then swooping south towards Southampton and finally climbing back up the country and over to south Wales, returning to Farnborough.

The aircraft that they flew on was the seventh Citation Longitude built, boasting a spacious 8 passenger cabin with a double-club seating configuration.

Cessna has used five aircraft for its test program. The first four were used to test systems-reliability and overall function of the Longitude, while aircraft 5 was fitted with a complete production interior. Aircraft seven is currently being used as a demonstration aircraft. Before picking up the CJI team in Farnborough, the seventh Longitude had been all over the world – Farnborough was it’s final stop before returning home to Witchita.

The South-East United Kingdom’s weather is never the best for flying, and the aircraft had to endure heavy snow showers. But despite the conditions, the Longitude handled well – with some expected turbulence.

According to CIJ, the Citation’s initial climb to 43,000ft took about 23 minutes. This was done in small steps, largely due to the weather. Cessna’s Tom Perry stated that during a flight the previous week the same climb took just over 16 minutes total.

CIJ’s team hailed the ride as “very comfortable”. This is because the aircraft cabin is a longer version of the Citation Latitude cabin, an aircraft which already featured the widest cabins in it’s class. With a cabin height of  1.83m, the longitude has plenty of room for 6ft people to stand a move about comfortably.

In the cockpit, the Longitude sports the Garmin™ G5000™ flight deck, featuring three large 14-inch glass displays, and a whopping four touch-screen controllers. Cessna’s pilots are quoted stating that the aircraft is one of the “most fun” Citations to fly.

Despite all of the exciting features, it was really the cabin that Cessna wanted to show off, particularly how quiet it was. Tom Perry, vice president of sales for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, stated that Cessna had individually addressed each source of sound within the cabin, and worked hard to sound proof them.

The result of this hard work doesn’t go unnoticed –  CIJ found that even during take-off when the jet’s engines are at full capacity, the noise level in the cabin was so low, that nobody had to raise their voice during conversation. Perry quickly addressed the only notable sound, a slight aerodynamic hum from the antennas along the fuselage.

N707CL was on the last leg of a much anticipated world tour. The finish line has been crossed, and the aircraft set off on it’s long journey home — a direct flight all the way from Farnborough to Witchita.

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