Bombardier Releases FIRST Seating Innovation in Business Aviation in 30 Years

New Private Jet Seat - Private Jet Innovation - Private Jet - Jet Sales - Miami Private Jet SalesBombardier Business Aircraft has just unveiled the Nuage, an industry changing seat on Bombardier’s Global 7000 aircraft. This new design is the first new seat architecture in business aviation for 30 years! The seat features fluid lines, and is exceptionally crafted, allowing it’s user to achieve maximum comfort in flight.

Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketig at Bombardier Business Aircraft says that the design team examined every possible need of a potential passenger and used that data as a launchpad for the initial design process. With that information, they were able to craft a seat unlike any other – the most innovative aircraft seat in over three decades. The Nuage offers an unprecedented balance of comfort and control never before seen in the interior of a business jet. The Nuage is both ergonomic and aesthetically impeccable – redefining the very idea of seated comfort for life above the clouds.

The Nuage introduces all new, ergonomic deep reclining features designed to maximize comfort and relaxation on those long haul flights. Unlike other aircraft seats where reclining only occurs on the back, pushing the body forward and enabling discomfort, the Nuage features a tilt-link system that allows the body to dip while reclining, keeping the entire body supported without added pressure on the legs. This dynamic and fluid movement is the result of years of development and it serves to support the body like no other aircraft seat in the industry.

Also featured on the Nuage – a fluid movement system using a patented floating base. This allows the seat to track and swivel effortlessly without visible flooring rails. This directly contributes to both the passenger’s mobility and the Nuage’s streamlined aesthetic. This system also includes a center swivel axis for an intuitively centered point of rotation while in any position, allowing the passenger maximum precision and ease of movement.

To enhance support and comfort, the Nuage has been fitted with a tilting headrest, never before seen in business aviation. Engineered with the most critical eye for detail, the adjustable headrest provides both optimal neck support in every possible position and helping maintain an effortless line of site while either watching TV or reading while reclined.

Offered in a vast array of leathers, fabrics and finishes, the Nuage seat effortlessly combines comfort and style with premuim functional features of luxury seating into the cabin of Bombardier’s business jets.

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