Bombardier Challenger 604

Bombardier began deliveries of the Challenger 604 in 1996. The 604 is a longer-range derivative of the 601-3R with a larger fuel capacity, airframe structural improvements,  and upgraded CF34-3B engines. Standard avionics include a Collins Pro Line 4 package, dual Collins FMS-6000 FMS, dual Litton LTN-101 IRS and Collins WXP-4220 digital turbulence detection radar.

Due to its flexible deployability, it is not only ideally suited for short to medium-range flights but also for transatlantic flights. With a speed of  460 knots, the Challenger 604 compares favorably to even the most modern airliners. There were 365 of these models manufactured. The Challenger 604 was later replaced by the Challenger 605 in 2007.

Bombardier Challenger 604Specifications
Fuselage DimensionsUS standard
Length :68.4 (ft)
Height :20.7 (ft)
Wing Span :64.3 (ft)
Cabin Dimensions
Length :28' 3'' (ft)(in)
Height :6' 0'' (ft)(in)
Width :8' 2'' (ft)(in)
Typical Configuration
Crew :
Passengers :
Pressurization :8.8 (psi)
Fuel Capacity
Standard :19,850 (lbs)
Standard :2,962 (gal)
Optional :
Optional :
Max. Ramp :48,300 (lbs)
Max. Takeoff :48,200 (lbs)
Zero Fuel :32,000 (lbs)
Basic Operating :27,185 (lbs)
Max. Landing :38,000 (lbs)
Vs Clean :123 (kn)
Vso Landing :103 (kn)
Normal Cruise TAS :459 (kn)
Vmo (Max Op) IAS :345 (kn)
Normal :4,345 (fpm)
Engine Out :1,100 (fpm)
Ceiling :41,000 (ft)
Landing Performance
FAA Field Length :2,777 (ft)
Takeoff Performance
SL ISA BFL :5,840 
5000' +20C BFL :9,400 
Range :4,027 (nm)
Number of :
Model(s) :CF34-3B 
Thrust (per engine) :8,729 (lbs)
Shaft (per engine) :0 (hp)
Common TBO Hours :

Direct Cost Per Hour (US Standard)Dollar (US)
  Fuel Cost Per Gallon$4.63
  Additive Cost Per Gallon0
  Burn Rate (Gallons Per Hour)350
  Labor Cost Per Hour$159.84
  Parts Cost Per Hour$175.47
Engine Overhaul$269.66
Thrust Reverse Overhaul13
Miscellaneous Flight Expenses0
  Landing-Parking Fee0
  Crew Expenses0
Total Direct Costs$2,238.47
Block Speed Statute Miles Per Hour432
Total Cost Per Statute Mile$5.18

Annual Fixed Costs (US Standard)Dollar (US)
Crew Salaries$288,150
  Capt. Salary$165,000
  Co-pilot Salary$90,000
Hangar Cost$97,000
  Legal Liability$22,400
Misc. Overhead$80,841
  Nav. Equipment$2,200
Total Fixed Costs$703,986

Annual Budget (US Standard)Dollar (US)
Number of Seats9
Total Direct Costs$1,036,412
Total Fixed Costs$703,986
Total Cost (Fixed & Direct)$1,740,398
  Cost/Statute Mile$8.70
  Cost/Seat Mile$0.97
Total Cost (No Depreciation)$1,535,460
  Cost/Statute Mile$7.68
  Cost/Seat Mile$0.85
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