Beechcraft Denali Turboprop Completes Ground Engine Runs

They say patience is the key to success. And It seems like Textron Aviation – one of the famous aircraft manufacturers in the aerospace industry – has finally found that key! The company’s rebranded Beechcraft Denali Turboprop has successfully completed its initial ground engine runs, moving closer to its first flight.

According to the announcement made by Wichita airframer, the Beechcraft Denali turboprop aircraft has passed its first major test and is all set to make its maiden flight within the next three months. The Kansas-based company stated that the aircraft’s fuel system, engine, interface with avionics, and electrical systems functionalities had been tested thoroughly and verified by its experts.

“These successful engine runs are a significant step toward the upcoming inaugural flight for the Beechcraft Denali, and they are a testament to the determination and collaboration from both the Textron Aviation and GE Aviation teams,” says Chris Hearne – senior vice-president of engineering at Textron Aviation.

Beechcraft Denali - 260 Denali Turboprop - Beechcraft For Sale - Miami Jet FLFor those who don’t know, the upcoming Beechcraft Denali turboprop is a five-seater aircraft that can achieve cruise speeds of 300mph (530km/h). It has a range of 1,800 miles (3,000km) and features Garmin G3000 avionics and GE Aviation’s brand-new catalyst engine.

Space is not going to be an issue with the new Beechcraft Denali turboprop as it has the largest cabin in its class. Meaning, even at the high cruising altitudes, passengers and crew can breathe easily. The aircraft engine has completed more than 2,450 hours of ground testing. Our sources state that GE Aviation is putting it up for the first flight on its Beechcraft King Air flying testbed.

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The upcoming Beechcraft Denali turboprop is capable of operating on sustainable aviation fuel. It will burn less oil than older turboprops. Its 1,300 shaft horsepower engine will also feature Fadec and trend monitoring. Benefits?  They will bestow on-condition maintenance with non-requisite midlife hot section inspection.

If you are thinking that’s it, you are wrong. The other two flight-test Beechcraft Denalis are in development and three additional ground articles will be used not only for static and fatigue testing but also for cabin interior development testing. The final certificate for the upcoming Denali turboprop aircraft is expected in 2023.

Beechcraft Broker -  Beechcraft For Sale - Miami Jet FL - Beechcraft Denali - 260 Denali TurbopropWe recommend you visit Textron Aviation’s official website for more information on the upcoming Beechcraft Denali turboprop aircraft.

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