Beds On Private Jets

One of the advantages of flying on a private jet is being able to sleep with comfort. But wait, there are deferent levels of comfort, and yes, there are some you can’t even imagine. Miami Jet is here today to browse through the sleeping options in the world of private jets. Let’s review the options that different jet types have to offer.

Light Jets

Jets For Sale – Buy Used Jet – Jet Listing – Aircraft Listing – Buy JetLight jets are usually used for short local flights between cities. The seating options are very comfortable in this kind, but you won’t find a flatbed in a jet like this. But still, light jets’ top priority is high speed travel, which they provide you with. Fast trips from one city to another on a comfortable spacious recliner chairs is what you can expect from the light jets.

Midsize Jets

How To Buy A Jet – Private Jets Cost – Pre-Owned Jets For Sale – Private Plane ListingThe bigger the jet, the more comfortable the sleeping experience is. In midsize jets there are more options with lie-flat beds and chairs. This type of aircraft usually has from 4 to 8 fully reclining seats and a divan. All these features will take your mid-distance flight experience to the next level of comfort.

Long-Range Jets

Buy Private Aviation Planes – Private Aviation Listing – Private JetsComfort is the primary concern in the next type of jets. Long-range jets are made for cross-continental trips that take more time than just a flight from one city to another. In a flight like this, passengers definitely have more time to sleep. And sleeping is something you can truly enjoy on a long-range private jet. Fully reclining chairs and divans are something that every jet in this category has. Some models have a separate room with a queen bed that will make your flight experience truly unforgettable. On a plane like this you will have the comfort of your own bed at 40,000 feet.

Converted airliners

Used Jets For Sale – Miami Jet – But Jet In Miami – Buy Jet In US – Jets PricesIf you are looking for the most luxurious option in the air – here it is. Converted airliners like Boeing Business Jets will give you ultimate comfort in the air. These huge jets come with pretty much anything you could wish for – full-size beds, bathrooms, offices and even dining rooms. There is so much space that it will take you a while to figure out what to fill it with.

Boeing B737 offers 800 sq. foot of floor space, wide range of seating options and beds, a master-bedroom and a private shower on board. There are even more luxurious models of this aircraft, such as The BBJ Max, BBJ 777 and BBJ 787. They are just something you have to see to believe.

Miami Jet’s number one priority is our clients’ comfort. We have wide range of jets for different level of comfort. We will do everything to find a jet that you will love. If you want to sell your jet, you might contact us as well. We know how to sell it fast. Give us a call at  305-894-9344 to discuss your options.

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