The Most Popular Aviation Myths

It’s time to bust a myth or two again! Let’s go over some of the most popular aviation myths and see why they simply can’t be true!

How Does Autopilot Work - Aviation Myths - Private Jets for Sale - Jet AutopilotPilots only take off and land aircraft, autopilot does the rest.

We’ve heard this one many times and think that it’s the most popular myth about the industry. People think that pilots can just relax and let some smart computer do everything for them. Wrong! You can only control certain aspects of the flight with autopilot – it’s things like altitude, course, navigation, and a couple of other things. Yes, autopilot makes the pilot’s life easier, but it definitely doesn’t fly a plane by itself.

Your phone is going to crash the plane!

There has never been a single plane crash caused by a mobile phone, so why do flight attendants keep telling us to turn them off all the time? The European Safety Agency allows you to use mobile phones as long as the airline itself allows that. As for why airlines may forbid to use them is because you will pay less attention to flight attendants showing you the safety instructions that you must know. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission has banned all mobile phone use on planes because the signal rebounds off multiple phone towers and clogs up the ground networks. Anyway, you should follow the airline rules, but just know that if you forget to turn it off – you’ll probably remain safely in the air.

If someone on the plane is sick you will get sick, too, because you breathe the same air during the flight

Oh yeah, didn’t see that one coming, did you? Well, here’s why it’s a busted myth. Every modern aircraft has modern filter-systems that kill over 99% of germs. Such filters clean air during the flight more than 30 times per hour. That’s why you shouldn’t worry when you hear someone coughing their lungs out on the last row. Although, you can get sick if a sick person is seating right next to you or if your immunities are already down, but that can happen anywhere, not just on a flight.

Drinking on a Plane - Can You Drink on a Private Jet - Aviation Mythbusters - Jets For SaleIt’s easier to get drunk on a plane.

Last but not least! It’s a quite popular myth. Try Googling it – you will get many different theories on how alcohol changes during the flight or how your body doesn’t filter it the same way it does on the ground. Wrong again! According to Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) studies, altitude doesn’t make alcohol more potent. If you remember that you actually felt extra tipsy during the flight, it’s because the air pressure is different from the sea level and there’s slightly less oxygen in the air. Because of that you get dehydrated faster. What does that mean? Drink more water and you will be just fine! A couple of glasses of wine definitely won’t make you lose your head during the flight.

We think that’s enough for today. There are many other myths about airplane food, flight attendants, and airlines, but we’ll go over them some other time. For now – you can take a look at our inventory. Miami Jet can help you purchase the aircraft you’ve been dreaming of. And if you’re looking to you’re your private jet – we’ll work diligently to make sure your aircraft sells at the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. Contact us today and learn how we can help you during the buying/selling process!

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