Aviation Innovations and World Records in 2019

Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport opened in April

The long-awaited structure is a dome made of glass and metal designed to connect three of the airports’ four terminals. The main attraction is the world’s largest indoor waterfall called the HSBC Rain Vortex.

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The airport is regularly voted the World’s Best and it got even better this year for all their passengers.

Busiest Aviation Day: Wednesday, July 24, 2019.
There was a world record of more than 225,000 flights around the world in one day tracked by FlightRadar24.

World’s Longest Passenger Flight: 19 hours and 19 minutes
An experimental research flight by Qantas, an Australian airline, flew from London to Sydney nonstop. The plan for the flight is to connect Sydney with other destinations in Europe and the US.
They call it “Project Sunrise” as the flight views two sunrises on its trip. Currently, it’s not available for passengers yet as they experiment whether pilots, cabin crew, and passengers can cope with that amount of airtime without a break.
The pilots’ brainwaves are monitored before, during, and after the flight. Also, they undergo testing to track levels of melatonin, the sleep cycle hormone.

The flight arrived three hours earlier than the current system of flight changes to make the same trip. However, until it’s deemed safe by Australian aviation regulators, this flight won’t be available to passengers.
Passengers that made the test flight includes Qantas employees, frequent fliers, and a few select journalists who volunteered to wear monitors during the flight. Sleep patterns were monitored along with physical activity and inflight entertainment.

New Cabins – In the Cargo Hold

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Airbus partnered with Safran on designing new sleeping quarters on jets. They earned a Crystal Cabin Award for the Low Deck Pax Experience Modules which will available by 2021.
Could you spend an entire flight in the windowless cargo hold? Or is the freedom of having a quiet place to sleep appealing?

The project is designed as a premium for economy commercial passengers, which is interesting. Given that on many flights that are long enough for sleep such as an international flight, the first-class cabin, and potential business class has room and place to sleep built-in. Could this be ideal for economy passengers to stretch their legs a little and enjoy quiet? Even if it is in the cargo hold.

The design is still a prototype, for now, waiting for airlines to pick up the option. However, if an airline does take Airbus up on the offer, they’re ready to deliver in 2021.

2019 has been quite a year for aviation and we can’t wait to tell you what amazing innovations happen in 2020. At Miami Jet, we’re you’re trusted partner in aircraft brokerage. Let us help you soar to new heights this year whether you’re buying, selling, or customizing your aircraft. Contact us today and let’s talk about your 2020 aviation goals.

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