The Best Aviation Channels on YouTube

YouTube Aviation Channels - Buy A Jet - Private Jet Videos - Private Jet YouTubeThere is a YouTube channel about everything now, so we thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go over the most popular aviation channels out there and pick the ones that we think are worth watching. Yep, we just spent half of the day watching YouTube videos, but it was worth it – now we have a list of decent channels that you – a fellow aviation enthusiast, might find pretty interesting. So, let’s jump into it!


It’s one of the most popular aviation channel on the platform, so we decided to put it first on our list. The cannel has over 200,000 subscribers! That’s not bad for a channel that only talks about aircraft, right?

You can find all sorts of aviation news and reviews on it – they talk about latest models of aircraft, interview different pilots and famous people in the industry. And most importantly, they post a lot of videos shot right from the cockpit. Would you like to see a POV of F-16 or watch a Thunderbird pilot interview? They got it all! It’s a lot of aviation content posted almost daily, so be prepared to see lots of aircraft in your feed if you subscribe.


Air-Clips is another big YouTube channel about aviation. They have over 260,000 subscribers that watch HD quality cockpit videos. New videos are uploaded every week. They specialize in full flight coverages including business and First Class as well as private jet cockpit footage.

QFS Aviation

This is a YouTube channel whose owner films his trips around the world. He makes reports, as he calls them, about his every flight. Since 2017. He filmed over 200 trip reports varying from low-cost airlines to private jets. You can also find drone films, plane-spotting compilations, and short airline documentaries on this channel.


GreatFlyer is another big channel that has over 280,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Originally from Cyprus, Demetris – the channels owner makes all kinds of aviation videos. He is a First Officer flying the Boeing 737NG around Europe and his videos are just plain fun to watch. He films trip reports, cockpit videos, general aviation flying videos, glider/sailplane videos, aircraft spotting, and other interesting content. For example, take a look at him flying a Tecnam P2002JF Sierra with his girlfriend for the first time, it’s quite fun.

Captain Joe

This is the biggest channel on our list so far. Joe has almost a million subscribers and posts high-quality videos every Thursday. He is a pilot who lives in Germany, flies all over the world, and of course films every interesting aspect of his trips. Moreover, he makes many videos about how aircraft work, how to become a pilot, answers popular questions that pilots always get asked, and creates tons of other quality original content. Definitely check out his channel if you want to learn more about aviation.

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