Aviation Businesses Offer Hope Amid COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 - Coronavirus - Aircraft News - Miami Jet - Aircraft BrokerageThe number one thing on the news and on everyone’s minds: COVID-19. Whether your state has mandated a stay-at-home order or not, coverage of this pandemic is something we can’t escape. Which is why we’ve decided to bring you some good news.

Aviation companies all over the world are coming together in support of medical professionals to create and transport necessary medical supplies to those who need it most. In this midst of this chaos and uncertainty, it’s important to see some good news.


The Wichita airframe company shifted gears in response the shortage of protective medical equipment and began producing plastic face shields and cloth face masks for healthcare providers. They’re collaborating with Wichita State University to manufacturer specialized shields designed to be clear from PET film. The perfected the design and started mass producing them using Textron’s Gerber cutter.

After the CDC recommended using cloth or fabric face masks for those going out in public, the team got right to work. They expect to produce thousands of face masks that are designed to be washed and reused in the hope that this will free up healthcare professionals supply as they fight the pandemic head on.

Additionally, the manufacturer of Beechcraft and Cessna has donates over 7000 masks and additional personal protective equipment to local Kansas first responders and medical professionals.


OX is an airline charter company based in New York City. A ton of cases overwhelmed the healthcare system and OX decided since passenger travel was unavailable, to venture into transporting supplies. All inbound flights to NYC were available to send medical equipment and supplies to hospitals in need.

“Our team at OX is continuously working to support our community at large during this difficult time,” said OX chief commercial officer Ron Silverman. “Knowing that New York City is the most impacted city in our country, our goal is to assist hospitals and their medical partners, to transport needed supplies in a timely manner, from cities across the country.”

A daily flight schedule was made available and OX highlighted direct flights to the area. Hospitals and medical providers were encouraged to contact them directly for more information on setting up these life-saving flights.

This venture is supported by OX’s parent company, Vista Global and VistaJet who offered free empty leg flights and paperwork assistance to return government officials home and medical organizations during the pandemic.

We hope these stories were wholesome and a wonderful read for you to break the cycle of all the negative going on right now. At Miami Jet, we hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Thank you to all the healthcare and essential workers going above and beyond.

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